Sunday, May 4, 2008

More on Dave's Work

Well, Dave is right about his work schedule. I love that right now we have more time to spend together (although if I don't go back to work, his shift wouldn't matter as far as us seeing each other), we see each other more on holidays, he can go to church every week, and coach softball. I do not want him to give all of that up. What scares me is, when we have a baby, I'll be here at night, in this neighborhood by myself. It's one thing to just try to protect myself if anything were to happen, but it scares me to death to think of having to try to protect a baby too. If we were to get out of this neighborhood, that would make it a lot better (be praying about the possibility of our land situation still working out and us being able to sell our house!!!). I know that no neighborhood is completely safe, but I am just more aware at all times because in our neighborhood it is not uncommon to hear of drug deals, fires, home invasions, and most recently, a drive by shooting. If we could get out of this house, I would definitely probably still be for Dave working 12-8. Especially, if we still build because then we can even try to make sure we are building a safe house (as long as we have the budget for it!). Oh, another danger is that our house was easy enough for our teenage neighbor boys to break into when we were locked out!!! lol Anyway, I'm not fully awake yet so I hope this make sense. We just have a lot of decisions to make! Pray for us to have wisdom!

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