Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Time Blogging

Ok, this is Dave. I've never done a blog before so this will probably be dumb. Yes, I am excited to find out I'm going to be a dad. I am also worried about some things at the same time so you can be praying for me in those areas that I will trust that God has everything in control and will take care of us. Tonight, we went and saw my friend's son play little league and I was thinking about when my kid (or maybe kids by that time) are old enough to play. That will be fun since I love baseball. Ok, that's enough for now. C-ya

It's definite!!!

We had our first appointment today to confirm the pregnancy, and we are definitely pregnant. They say I am about 8 weeks along and due on December 8th. (I'll be more like 9 weeks along by the time you read this because we haven't told anybody yet.) It is so hard to lie to everybody!!! Everyone is always harassing us about it. lol Dave's coworker keeps asking if we're pregnant. My aide at school said to me, "wouldn't it be something if they told you that you're pregnant at your appointment today?" I had to look away because I couldn't keep a straight face. lol

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Exciting news!

Well, I was in shock so Dave thought that I wasn't excited. I was, but I was on only a few hours of sleep and I couldn't believe it was really positive! I had been late and thought I might be pregnant before and wasn't. So this time, we waited extra long to test. I didn't think Dave was excited because he wasn't acting like it. He was acting more worried than excited, but late that night he showed me he was excited by grabbing the camera and taking a picture of the test and insisting a picture of me even though I assured him you can't tell anything by looking at me! lol
So, I have to admit that we lied to many people. Every time some of you asked us when we were having kids we would say we weren't ready. We actually talked last spring and decided we would start trying later in the year. So for the past year, if you've asked about kids, we were lying when we said we weren't ready!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trying this out

Well, we have a facebook page, but we figured we'd try this out because we can give more detail for our friends and families on our lives. We've been's getting to the end of the school year, so I've been busy with work, Dave's busy with coaching our church softball team and working overtime. We're trying to sell our house and our land that we were going to develop. We want to pay off our other debts. School loans and car payments stink!!! So, we'll see how often we keep this updated!