Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am writing this a couple days late because I was waiting for Megan to be able to post this but she doesn't have the time so I will update everyone. Our darling baby girl was born Saturday evening at 9:47 PM!!! Her name is Karissa Gabrielle Thorp. She weighed 5 lbs, 8 oz. and was 19 inches long. A tiny little girl!! Megan had a very quick and smooth delivery so we are very thankful for that. Since her birth, Karissa struggled to breastfeed and then got jaundice. We have been going to the dr every day to get the level checked. To compound the problem, her temperature won't stay up where it needs to be. Because of these things, we are having to go to the hospital to get the jaundice level checked and then to the dr to check weight and temp so being out all the time isn't helping things to get better. Karissa has started to feed much better since Megan's milk came in so hopefully that will help get everything where it needs to be. Please pray for her and us. Here are a few pictures of her and I have to say, she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello everyone. Well, this morning Megan woke me up saying she thought her water had broke. She had called the DR and he said for her to wait an hour and see if it was still going heavy and if so, go to the hospital. It still was heavy so we left for the hospital around 11:30AM. After we got there and into an exam room they tested the fluid and said it was not amniotic fluid. They decided to check and see if she was dilated and she was 2 cm. She started having mild contractions shortly after we got there but the nurse said they weren't labor contractions. They said for Megan to walk around the hospital for an hour and drink lots of water and come back. We did that and nothing had changed so they called our DR and he said to send us home. There are still conflicting dates because they were saying Megan was 36 1/2 weeks (because of the ultrasound) but our original date says we are 38 weeks tomorrow. Because of that, they say she is not quite term so they wouldn't do anything to bring labor. We have now been home for a little more than an hour and she is having very painful contractions only a few minutes apart. I have a feeling we will be calling the DR shortly and heading back to the hospital possibly. Please pray!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Long Now!!!!

Well, Megan is 37 weeks today!! It seems like time is creeping by but when I think back it seems like only a few days ago that we saw the + sign on the pregnancy test. Our dr. appt. this past week went well. Except for the fact that when we got there, they said we didn't have an appt. scheduled so Megan gave them her appt. card and they called us back a few minutes later. It was the quickest we have ever gotten in. I said hopefully they will forget every time. Our dr. said Ally's head is down and everything is good. After our appt. we were able to tour the hospital and see the rooms and the uncomfortable chair that will be my bed for a night or two. We are now on a weekly schedule of seeing the dr. so our next appt. is Wednesday. Now that the pregnancy is considered full term Megan is hoping Ally comes NOW. Lol, she has had a lot of back pain so she's ready for the pregnancy to be over. Also, yesterday she was having Braxton Hicks contractions all day. (At least I hope that's what they were.) She has all the bags packed and everything ready for the trip to the hospital. Now if it can just happen when I'm home we will be in business. I'll try to get a new picture of Megan on here in the next day or so. C-ya

Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting closer!

Well, we had a doctor's appointment last week and he said Ally's head is down so she's on her way! Only 5 more weeks to go! (Maybe we'll be lucky and it will only be 3 more I go back next week and after that, I'll be going weekly. We also had our class last week. It wasn't what we were expecting and I'm glad we didn't pay for it, but we at least learned a little. They told me their next class on newborn care will be Dec. 11th and I told them that hopefully, I wouldn't be there. :) Our shower was pretty successful. We had many friends that couldn't make it, but we definitely got some things we needed and gift cards to help us buy the things we still need so we're hoping we should be okay. Dylan (our nephew) was so cute because he saw all the presents and knew his birthday was coming up. My sister had to keep telling him those gifts were for the baby. So then he'd say, "Where is the baby?" And someone would tell him the baby was in my belly. He'd come over to me, give me this sweet look, and say, "Where is the baby?" I'd tell him that she is in my belly and he'd say, "Well...I wanna see it." It was so funny and cute at the same time. Of course, I was thinking "ME TOO!!!" He did the same thing this past Saturday when we went up to celebrate his birthday. One of the things we did at my shower was get predictions about the baby to put in a little book and see who guesses the closest. For those of you that couldn't make it, you can tell us your predictions if you want. We took guesses for the baby's first and middle names, weight, length, and the day and time of birth. On our way up to PA on Saturday, we stopped at the Babies 'R Us in Newark because it is the only one around with a Kiddie Kandids studio in it. When we registered, we were given a coupon for a free maternity picture. You can see one of the pictures, but they all came out pretty good. There's a really cute one of Dave kissing my belly and one where they had us put our hands in a heart on my belly. I was impressed with how good the pics came out because I usually don't have good pictures. So, the agenda this week is to make an appointment to get the car seat inspected, continue shopping for anymore needed items, and of course celebrate Dave's birthday on Thursday!!!! Have a good week!