Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dave's winning again

Hello! So, Dave is beating me at posts again so I figured I'd try to get another post in. Not really much to say, but I can't let him beat me! :) I keep forgetting to update after our first ultrasound. I posted that they had changed my due date. I was kind of upset about that and when I was talking to my mom she mentioned they probably said that just because Ally is so small because I was so sick. I decided that was going to be what I thought and kept thinking of my due date as December 8th. Anyway, at our July appointment Dave asked about the due date being changed and the doctor said that they usually just give extra time in case they are wrong, but that if I am pretty sure of my dates that it would probably be closer to the 8th than the 17th. That made me feel better. So, July has been busy and our August is going to be just as busy. This is the first year that we did not go away for our anniversary. We are doing a little mini vacation to NYC mid-August. We chose NYC instead of our usual Mexico trip because it will be cheaper and we won't be able to get to NYC between Christmas and New Year's (another tradition). So, we've been picking out a lot of things we'd like to do that we don't have time for when we only go for two days. I also looked up the addresses for the Baby Depot and Babies 'R Us (they'll be so much bigger in New York!!). Dave had to have one surprise for me. I knew it was to go see a show (I've always wanted to see a Broadway show), but didn't know what it was. For our anniversary, he filled me in.....we're going to see Grease on Broadway!!!!! That's the one show I really, really, really wanted to see. I can't wait. It's funny because I think my scrapbook has been full even more this year than in the past. Ally will have so many adventures from before she was even born! Talk to you later!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Pic

Nothing new to tell but I am posting a new picture of Megan at 21 weeks. This was just taken a
few minutes ago. C-ya

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, I want to take this space to tell my wife, Megan, how much I love her and how thankful I am to God for allowing me to be married to her for 3 years now. Today is our anniversary and it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter as time goes by. Thank you Megan for being the best wife ever and for loving me unconditionally for the past 3+ years. I love you soooooooooo much and am so happy to be spending my life on this earth with you. Sorry to change the subject but we had our second ultrasound on Monday. Dawn (the ultrasound woman) said everything looks very good and Ally is still moving around a lot in there. She likes to stretch out her legs when we are looking at her. I think she is doing exercises so she's ready to play on my softball team when she's old enough. By the way, we have been getting NO comments so get back to commenting and we will update again soon. Take care

Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Run Derby and Parade pics

Cardboard Testimonies

Our pastor posted this on his blog and I thought it was really cool.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Run Derby

WOW!!!! What an awesome time we had at the Home Run Derby. If any of you watched it on tv, you know we saw a record broken. It was soooo cool to see so many great players, young and old, all together warming up in one place. I wish a Yankee (Giambi or A-Rod) had participated in the Derby but it was still fun even though there wasn't a Yankee in it. Watching Josh Hamilton smash home run after home run way out in the bleachers and upper deck was so awesome and the crowd went nuts chanting his name and the whole place felt like it was shaking. It was definitely the perfect event to close out the last year at Yankee Stadium. On Tuesday, we went back into the city and watched the Red Carpet Parade down 6th Ave. We were able to get a front row standing spot so everyone went within a few feet of us. We saw most of the All Stars plus Hall of Fame greats such as Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers, Cal Ripken, Mike Schmidt, and the list goes on and on. I got pictures of most all of them except the Red Sox players because I refused to take pictures of them. I may put a slide show on here or maybe a link to one somewhere else. Anyway, we had such a great time and thank the Lord for allowing us to be able to go and experience it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

King's Fest

Hey everyone! Well, we just got back from King's Fest in Virginia. It was great as always. Well, kind of lonely for me as I sat watching and envying everybody on the roller coasters, but the concerts were fun. I had to keep telling myself that we are going to try to go back to Cedar Point next year to get me through the times I missed out on coasters. For those of you that don't know us to well, ever since we have been married, it has been tradition for us to go to King's Fest. We leave for Paramount's King's Dominion on Wednesday, set up our campsite, and then enjoy 3 days at the amusement park and the evenings are spent with concerts. It's a great value really considering we pay less than what you would pay to get into an amusement park for 2 days, we get 3 days and concerts. We saw Barlow Girl, Casting Crowns, Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson, David Crowder Band, TobyMac, Kutless, and Newsboys. Many of these bands we have seen at least 2 or 3 times already, but they are so much fun to watch, that we still love it. David Crowder and TobyMac I think are the best to watch. There were several other bands, but we pick and choose who we want to see and ride the rides during the shows we don't really care for. Anyway, it was good that we were able to have friends (Rob and Kate) go with us because otherwise, poor Dave would have had to stand in lines by himself to ride anything. The camping part was really good. I didn't have any problems, in fact, I was a little chilly at night. The only problem was walking around the park. By the end of the night, my back was usually killing me so much that I was walking really pokey (and if you know me, I'm usually dragging people along and walking fast). By Saturday night, Dave had to carry me piggy-back across part of the parking lot to the shuttle because my back hurt so bad. But, after sleeping last night and just a day of travel today, my back is much better. So now, I'm doing laundry to get ready to go to the Home Run Derby tomorrow. I can't wait!!!! So, to change the subject, we are going back to get another ultrasound next week. They need better pictures of the umbilical cord. It didn't sound like anything to be concerned about, they just didn't get good pictures, so I'm excited to get to see Ally again. :) We'll update later this week after NYC!!!! P.S. For some reason, the slide show only shows the captions if you scroll the mouse over the picture.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey everyone, we are leaving today for King's Fest so that means there won't be any posts on here for a few days. We have a dr's appt. this morning before we leave so we will update you on how that goes when we get back. I may take the computer just in case but I don't think there will be anywhere to use it where we are going. So off we go to ride a bunch of rides, well I will, Megan can't (sorry honey), camp and eat good food, and watch and listen to a lot of great Christian music. Talk to you all in a few days.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't Know

I hate having to put something in the title. I don't ever know what to put, that's why I put don't know this time because I don't. Anyway, I am posting a picture of the pregnant girl at the beach. Technically the first time the baby made it to the beach!!! Ok, also some news. The name of the baby will be Ally for now until we reveal the real name when she is born. Ally is not her name but the name we chose to call her for now. So we would appreciate her being called Ally and not Gertrude or any of the other names we have heard. Lol

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More News!

Well, Dave got to post the exciting news about our ultrasound because I had posted it on our facebook. It was only fair that he got to post it here. Again, he's beating me at posts though so I thought I'd post today and hopefully he doesn't get too upset that I'm sharing his exciting news. I've been feeling the baby for several weeks now, but most of the time it was just a little here and there so I knew until I told Dave, he wouldn't get to me in time to feel it. She definitely has Dave's energy and can't stay still...she's moving all the time. :) So, today, we were both working around the house and I just sat down to rest after doing some cleaning when she started moving all around. I called to Dave who was working in another room and he came out. Of course since she kept moving it took a few minutes of me making him move his hands all around and all the sudden he looked up with a big grin on his face and said something like "That's cool!" He was able to feel her moving!! The bad news is that the ultrasound tech changed my due date. She said I am only 16 weeks and moved our due date back more than a week to December 17th. Some ladies from our church told me they do that all the time and that it might even get moved back and forth, so that helped me feel better, but oh well. On another note, we hope everyone has a happy 4th tomorrow! So many exciting things happening with the baby and then next week is King's Fest followed by the Home Run Derby/NYC. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are having.......

Hello, we had our ultrasound yesterday morning and all went very well. Our baby is very active in there and moving all around. The woman performing the ultrasound was very helpful and didn't seem to mind answering all my dumb questions. I know it seems hard to believe that I would ask dumb questions but trust me, I was loaded with them. LOL Anyway, we were in there a lot longer than I expected to be and the ultrasound was very thorough. After a lot of pictures were taken and a lot of pressing on Megan's tummy, the dr said we were having a GIRL!!!!! I asked if she based that on not seeing anything or if she was able to know and she said she knows it's a girl and pointed out the girl parts. Of course we know it could end up being wrong but we trust the woman and could tell she is very knowledged at what she does. Sooo, I know you are wondering if I am disappointed at having a girl. Not at all!!!! I know I can still play sports with a daughter and there are plenty of cute Yankees outfits to keep her supporting our team. I am, however, not looking forward to that first guy who asks her on a date. (Hmmm, maybe I can keep that from happening) lol Megan was very happy to be able to find out the sex and is excited to start planning ahead now that she knows. I am posting 1 ultrasound picture but we have a few more for anyone who would like to see them.

Talk to you again soon.