Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Wednesday!

Yesterday, I took Karissa to a program at the library. My sister lives in an area where she was able to do all sorts of classes and playtime things with her son when he was a baby and we don't really have anything here. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE living near the beach, but sometimes it does stink when we don't have all of the amenities that other places have. BUT, I was talking to a friend from church about that and she works at a local library. She told me about a program at one of the other libraries. It is a 40 minute drive....I wish one of the closer libraries would pick up this program...but it was worth it! We had so much fun doing activities and movements and singing and saying nursery rhymes. Karissa was wide-eyed, just soaking it all in. She got a little fussy during part of it, but then after a few minutes let out a huge burp and was better. I checked out a book so we could do our own little movement and rhymes at home and she was laughing and loving it. Of course, as soon as Dave grabbed the video camera she acted like she wasn't enjoying it anymore. We'll have to try again later. Another good note is that Karissa is up to 11 lbs! Hopefully, she'll maintain that or gain even more so she can impress her doctor! We'll have to go all next week without weighing her which is a long time for us. The reason we'll skip a week of weighing her is because we will be busy laying on the beach or poolside in Hilton Head Island! Dave and I discovered this place a couple of years ago when we went on our road trip. It is gorgeous and warm. There are building codes so there are no huge billboards or hotels like in our beach areas, so it feels like a secluded, quiet place when it is really a beach resort. When we get back we have doctors appointments and softball games so it might be a little while before we can get back on here and update you on the trip. So the point for today - It is Wednesday...weigh-in day. Before I say how I did, I must confess....I missed 2 days of shredding....Yup....not one, but TWO. Not good....haven't been tracking my calories either....again, not good. And just in case you are wondering, I still HATE the plank. lol So anyway, I'm down one pound. Considering the above, it's not bad. I got a new scale the other day. I was weighing in every week at my mom's and now I can weigh in at home. But it shows the body fat percentage and everything and that is not good. I'm around 24% and it's supposed to be 19%. Hopefully shredding will take care of that. See you in a couple of weeks!

Friday, April 17, 2009

First trip to the zoo!

Hi! As Dave said, I took Karissa to the zoo yesterday with ladies and kids from church. I know Karissa is too little to know what the animals are, but figured it would get us out in fresh air and give me a chance to hang out with other moms from church. We had a lot of fun. Considering, it was during her morning nap time, Karissa was really happy. She was smiling and talking and laughing the whole time we were there. She loved it! I had fun hanging out too. You can see some pictures below of her in her Easter outfit and at the zoo. (I had to get a pic of the two of us in our shades lol). So I was supposed to post on Wednesday about my non-existent weight loss, but was too frustrated. However, Jillian is making me healthier because I used to feel like I was going to have a heart attack during the cardio segments and now I don't lol. I moved up to level 2 a couple of days's actually not bad.....I kind of like it...except the last 5 minutes kick my butt. Ask Dave how much I HATE the plank! lol She does too many plank moves in those last few minutes and my arms are weak, but I make it through. So no weight loss this week, but I was able to fit into another pair of my smaller pants (my jeans actually! :). Anyway, back to Karissa. We have a busy upcoming week - library activity time Tuesday, packing for vacation, and scrapbooking Friday, along with all the regular stuff. Then a week from Sunday we leave to go to Hilton Head....I hear the warm weather and ocean calling my name already. Oh and Karissa is already getting close to 11lbs.! Her doctor was hoping she'd be at 11lbs. by her next appointment on May 4th and she is already 10lbs. 13oz. Maybe she'll blow the doctor away and actually make it to the 5th percentile!!!! :) So have a great weekend and enjoy the nice, spring weather (FINALLY!!!).

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello all, Happy Easter to all of you!! We hope you all had a wonderful day and celebrated the real reason for this holiday-Christ's resurrection. We had a great day at church and Karissa looked so adorable in her Easter dress and hat. After church, my dad and grandfather and Megan's parents came up and we had a simple Easter dinner. Just ham, venison roast, mashed taters, green bean casserole, and rolls. It was a good day. Megan wasn't as eager to post this week because she didn't lose any weight. She is frustrated so I know she would appreciate all your encouraging comments because she has worked really hard. I told her at least she didn't gain but she didn't take much solace in that. I think she looks great for having had a baby a few months ago but you women know how you are about that. LOL We are really looking forward to vacation which begins in just over a week. We will be leaving April 26 for Hilton Head Island, SC and we are very excited. Later today Megan is taking Karissa with some other ladies and kids from church to the zoo. I will get her to post some pictures from that and Easter later today or tomorrow. Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is here!

So spring may have finally arrived...although not according to the weather yet. It's still a little chilly. BUT baseball has come back so Dave is very happy, I'm happy, and so is Karissa. She watched her first Yankees game the other night. She woke up early from nap, was really fussy (which is very unlike her), and what got her to settle down was when she sat on the couch with her daddy and watched the game. There is a pic below. The rest of this month will be a busy one for Karissa. Next week we will possibly be trying out a nursery rhyme/activity time at the library and maybe going to the zoo with other moms and kids from church. Then it is time to start packing for vacation at the end of this month!!!! Spring cleaning is more than halfway done too. Plus, I might finally be on my way back in to my pre-pregnancy clothes! I can't afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, so I'm hoping to fit in my summer clothes before vacation. Joining the Shrink Into Summer Challenge is a great motivator. There were only a couple times this week that I contemplated not working out, but then I knew I'd have to update my weight so I did my workout (and that was even during spring cleaning so I was considering that being my workout). Anyway, I'm down 1.3lbs. Not much, but I wasn't really watching what I was eating until just a day or two ago so I can't complain. Hope I keep it up! And Karissa seems to be doing well gaining! Gotta go workout now, talk to you later!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I joined the Sisterhood!

Hey everyone! It's been a looooooong time since I've been able to blog! Karissa is now on a good napping schedule and has been for about a week so I should be able to blog more often now. In the meantime, Dave has done a good job of keeping you updated! Karissa had her 4 month well-check earlier this week and the doctor was very pleased with her growth. She grew an inch and a half in length since last month so she is now 22 and 1/4 inches long. She weighs around 10 lbs now too. The doctor showed me the graph with weight gains and last time she had moved far away from the 5th percentile line. This week she was very close to it and the doctor is hopeful that she will finally be on it in another month when we go back for a weight check. I was able to answer "yes" to all of her develpmental questions (like, "is she grasping her hands together? does she watch you or a toy move back in forth" etc.) . I told her sometimes she is still a little unsteady with her head and she only pushes up with one arm on tummy time, but the doctor didn't seem too concerned. Plus, I need to remember she was considered premature, so she might be a little behind in some areas (but she's also ahead in other areas!). She hated her shots even more. Her face was even more red than the last time and she took so long to breathe in between her screams that the nurse was telling her, "Breathe Karissa, breathe." Anyway, our vacation to Hilton Head Island is less than a month away, so I started to give up hope on losing anymore baby weight. I've been slacking lately because being busy with Karissa and Dave has been sick here and there so I just gave up on excerising. (I do so much better in the summer when it is warm out; thankfully it's starting to get a little warmer.) Then on my friend Melissa's blog, I found a link to The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (that's where I got the button to the left). Now, I know some of you guys could care less, but I signed up! I'm ready to try the 30 Day Shred and lose some weight by the end of the challenge in May....just in time for summer I might add! Plus, I need to get some muscle and just get in better shape! Part of it is accountability, so I'm supposed to post how I'm doing on my blog. Each Wednesday is their weigh in, so I'll be posting how I'm doing. Thanks for your support! So as Karissa tries to gain, I'm trying to lose. :) Talk to you later!