Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're ready!!!!

Well, Ally's room is finished. Technically, not quite....somehow we ended up a little short on the border so we have one small piece that we need to add border to, but other than that, we are ready for Ally. Her room is all set. Dave had decided he wanted to paint the trim. I hate painting so I said it didn't need to be done, but if he wanted to do it, he could. He decided to and I'm glad because it looks really good. I'm also glad he decided to do the border because it is really cute too. So, now all that's left is getting our car seat inspected which we'll do next month, take a class which is next week, tour the hospital hopefully next week, and get any last minute items that we still need. Here are some pics of Dave working hard and the room. My body is also getting ready because I don't think I've had a good night's sleep since August. I'm the type that needs at least 8 hours and right now I'm usually getting 5 or 6 and I'm excited when I get 7 hours! So, I have less than 2 months to get used to even less, but it's already been 2 months and I'm not used to it yet! Lol. By the way, where's everybody at? We're down to only 1 or 2 people still leaving us comments!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dr Update

I haven't updated lately so I figured it was my turn. Plus our internet at home is pretty much non existent. We had a Dr's appt yesterday and everything is good. Megan has gained a couple more pounds which she isn't happy about and she is now above the weight she wanted to stay below. She stood backwards on the scale so she wouldn't have to see her weight but the nurse pretty much told her anyway. We did find out that the one Dr who is still at our office will be the only one there and that he will be on call and said he would definately be delivering our baby which is good because we both like him. He said our regular due date is Dec 5 but the ultrasound date is the 17th so he said the longest they would let Megan go over would be one week after the 17th so she was thankful about that. He said that 85% of women don't go past their due date which was surprising to me and Megan liked hearing that. So we found out Ally will arrive sometime in December, we don't know much more than that, lol. Megan and I painted Ally's room and Megan loves it. It doesn't matter that I don't like it because since she does, that's all that matters. Hopefully Ally likes it because I'm not painting it again. We will take pictures after the touch ups are done and the wall border is up. As I type this, my sister Leah is in labor and has been for the past 40+ hours. Poor thing is having a rough time. She didn't want to take any pain medication but finally gave in and things have been going better since then. Hopefully I will be an uncle again sometime tonight and we will get to go see him or her this morning. I will be sure and get pictures also. Well, that's all for now. Til next time, peace!! By the way, our first teen Bible Study went great!! Praise the Lord, He is good!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Room is getting there!!!!

Well, we have only 2 more things to do to Ally's room. We got our paint so we will be getting that done hopefully this week. We also got wall border that matches our bedding set. Once we have the walls ready, I found a different room arrangement that I think I want to try and the room will be ready!!!! I am posting some pictures so that you can see it. The room hopefully won't be staying in this arrangement because I don't really like the crib where it is, but we'll have to see. I'm keeping my dad busy with projects like converting a desk to a changing table and fixing our mobile (I love our sleigh crib and wouldn't trade it for anything else, but the mobile doesn't fit so my dad's trying to rig it up so that we can still use it). Also, here is a picture of us at my friend's wedding over the weekend. You can somewhat tell I am pregnant when I'm sitting now. lol Everybody has been commenting over the last week that they can finally tell I'm pregnant. However, I actually need to watch my weight because at the rate I'm going, I'll end up gaining more weight than I need to!!! We'll update after our next appointment, which is Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey everyone. Well, I had another doctor's appointment today. Everything is still looking good. My glucose test came back fine (yea!!! no more blood taken!!!!). I found out as I was leaving that the other female doctor will be leaving the practice in November. This isn't horrible, because I do really like the other doctor that will still be there and so does Dave. But, I'll have to ask at my next appointment if they are planning on getting another doctor or how that will work. One of the things I liked about our doctors was that there were 3 of them so I was pretty much guaranteed that no matter when I went into labor, it would be one of my 3 doctors. Now that we're down to only 1, I don't know what will happen because I'm sure he isn't going to be on call 24/7. I guess I'll find out in 2 weeks when I go back for my next appointment. Also, I thought I'd put up a picture of Dave's hard work. The first picture is of the dresser before, the second is after. We should be getting our bedding set soon so I'll wait to put up pictures of the whole room until we get that. Remember to RSVP to my mom (or you can leave a comment on here) if you are planning on attending my shower and haven't yet. Oh and thanks Kate for sticking up for me after Dave's last blog! lol