Friday, May 30, 2008


I took this picture of Megan a couple of nights ago. See if you can see a little tummy. I think I can see a baby Thorp!!!! She wasn't feeling very good when I took the picture so that's why she doesn't look happy. This would be at 12 wks, 3 days.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Hello!! I know we are a couple of days late but Megan and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. We hope you all had a great weekend. Also, we would like to thank our troops for serving our country so we can live in a free country. Join us in praying for them while they fight for our freedom. We had a great Memorial Day barbecuing and tossing horseshoes and visiting. Most of the conversation was around pregnancy since there were two pregos at our house for the day. Those of you who don't know, my sis, Leah is expecting her and her hubby's first in October so we all had a good time eating and visiting. I did win all the horseshoes matches I participated in so I predicted that correctly. LOL We did miss Leah's hubby Chris who had to work and couldn't be with us. Hopefully he can join us at our next bbq. Megan has been a little better and although she is still getting sick here and there, it's not as bad as it was so we are thankful for that. We are hoping she is moving past that stage since we will begin the 2nd trimester next Monday. Oh, by the way, yesterday was Megan's birthday so join me in wishing her a happy birthday!!!! She turned 26. Also, thanks to everyone for the comments, we really appreciate them and keep them coming!!!!! Bye for now.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for Megan. She has been sick pretty much nonstop and feeling miserable when she's not completely sick. She only has a couple more weeks of school and then she won't have that to worry about. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and I know she would appreciate anyone's comments letting her know you are thinking of her and praying for her.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Know

Ok, I'll update the softball info. We lost both games of our double header. My friend keeps saying I'm being outcoached and my church will soon fire me. Lol I guess we will see but I hope not because I am still having a lot of fun and really enjoy coaching this group of good guys. Yes, I have a bad cold thanks to bad working conditions a couple of nights at work. Oh well, I'd rather get it out of the way now than in the middle of summer. Speaking of summer, it's BBQ time!!! I can't wait; there is nothing better than burgers and dogs on the grill and beating my dad, brother-in-law, and father-in-law at horseshoes!!!! By the way, for those of you who have asked what names we have thought of, we aren't saying!! That's going to be our secret for now. Well, I'm out of things to say so bye for now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I am now 11 and a half weeks. A couple weeks away from being through the first trimester. 1/3 of the way there! I haven't posted lately because there hasn't been much to say. There still isn't much to say, but Dave's beating me at posts so I need to catch up! I was just going to leave it as one author on the blog and just figured, if he wanted to, he could post but I am glad that I found a way to have 2 authors so that we can both post. So anyway, Sunday was horrible. I felt bad in the morning, but went to church anyway. I started feeling better, came home, ate lunch, and felt pretty good. I took a nap, woke up, and was sick the rest of the night. Everybody keeps saying it will get better, which is good, but it is hard to imagine that this will all of the sudden stop. I tried all kinds of different vitamins and every single one made me sick. So I stopped taking them for a few days and felt good. That was just to prove it was the vitamins. Now, I took some advice from a friend at church and I am just taking Folic Acid for now. The past two days have been much better. (I don't want to jinx it though!) I figure when I get past the nauseous stage I can go back to the regular vitamins. But, now Dave and I are both fighting off colds. Who would have thought this late in May colds would still be going around??? Oh well, its supposed to be warmer for Memorial Day weekend and we are ready for our annual BBQ. I almost forgot, somebody called and wants to come see our house Sunday afternoon! Pray that I am feeling well enough to get the house in spotless condition (poor Dave has been living in a pigpen since I haven't been feeling well enough to clean) and that the lady actually does come see the house and everything goes well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's been a few days since we've said anything so we probably should update but there isn't a whole lot to say. Megan has been feeling better but that's mostly because she hasn't been taking the vitamins the dr. gave her because that's what is mostly making her sick. When she doesn't take them she feels much better so she is going to get through the period of morning sickness and nausea and then try taking them again. I think it will be better after school is over because then if she is having a bad day laying around the house will be better than having to go to work and teach kids and be on her feet all day. Yesterday we went to a Yankees game in NY and saw the Yankees lose AGAIN. Megan did pretty well considering all the walking and standing and the fact that it was a pretty warm day. Too bad the Yankees couldn't have won because that would have made it not seem so bad. They did hit 3 HR's though so that helped a little bit. On a better note, our softball team won again!!! We are now 2-1 and have played really well our last two games. We have a double-header tomorrow though so that will be tough. Ok, I've rambled enough. Thanks to those of you who have made comments and shame on those of you who are reading and not commenting. LOL

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello everyone. As Megan said we were able to hear the heartbeat yesterday at our Dr's appt. It was simply awesome and I got a little choked up while I was listening. Anyway, everything is good so far so we are thanking God for that. Like Megan said, the Dr's are a little confusing with their estimated due dates. The first Dr said due Dec. 8 with our weekly change being on Saturdays meaning 10 wks was this past Saturday and so on. The Dr yesterday said we are due Dec. 5 with our weekly change being on Sunday. HUH?? I think the 2nd Dr misspoke because if she had said Dec. 8th she would have been the same as the first Dr and the weekly change would have been the same. Anyway, I know I'm rambling about nothing so I'm sorry. On another note, I am really getting close to not posting anymore because we have gotten no feedback from anyone and nobody has left any comments so I feel like nobody is even reading this. Please leave comments or somehow let us know you are reading or I may stop posting because it seems pointless if nobody is reading. C-ya

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, today was our 2nd doctor's appointment. We basically just went over all the "basic" information. As Dave put it, "brain overload." There was a lot of information, what I can do/can't do, what I can eat/can't eat, when to call the doctor's office, car seats, childbirth classes, etc. But, finally, after all that information, we got to hear the heartbeat. Dave and I were both a little worried that we wouldn't hear it because the last time they said we "should" be able to hear it at this appointment. So, we started thinking, what if we are all excited and can't hear it? But, we heard it. It was really cool; better than I could have imagined. Somehow, with the same numbers though, she said I am due December 5th, but it's only a couple days difference and it will probably come late anyway, so oh well. The lady was really cool though. She kept making references to God and even said what a miracle it was when we heard the heartbeat. So then, I go to work and I'm all excited and tell Mrs. D (my aide) that we heard the heartbeat. She was all excited and then proceeded to tell me that the teacher across the hall that had said she was pregnant about a week or so before I announced, went to an appointment yesterday. At her appointment, they discovered that nothing was growing. It wasn't even forming a baby yet, it was just a big mass. So today she had to go have a procedure done...I can't remember what it is now, but I have heard of it before...a C and something. lol I felt so bad!!! But it also made me really thankful that so far, everything seems to be going okay for us (except for the fact, that now I am getting sick every morning :( yuck!!!!). So you can be praying for that teacher. I'm sure that's really hard to go through. Oh, and by the way, my lily plant and the card were a great surprise!


Ok, here is what I wanted to say when I said the other day I had more to say. Nobody told me I should get Megan something for Mother's Day this year until about the day of. Thankfully Food Lion saved the day. I got her a mom-to-be card and a stargazer lily (her favorite) she can plant. She was surprised I got her anything and I hope happy. Also, it turns out the Dr's office only needed to push the appt back to 9:00 from 8:30. Now why in the world couldn't they just say that instead of making it sound like they were moving it back a month. Oh well, it's this morning and I'm excited because they said a couple weeks ago we may be able to hear the heartbeat. We will let you know how it goes. P.S. Megan was really sick yesterday. Keep us in your prayers please (her for being sick and me for putting up with her) LOL just kidding honey, I love you!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Why am I always posting negative things? I don't know but this frustrated me the other day. Our next dr's appt is scheduled to be Tuesday in the morning because Megan needs to go straight to work afterwards. Anyway, Friday I was off work and since I work nights and my sleep schedule gets all messed up on my nights off I wasn't able to sleep......until about 7am. So I got up sometime in the early afternoon and saw there was a voice mail so I listened to it. It was the dr's office saying they needed to change Megan's dr's appt on Tuesday and to call them. I called Megan right away at work so she could call them and take care of it. She did and when she got home she told me she got a machine saying they had left the office at 2pm for the weekend. I looked at the caller id and they didn't call until almost noon. Now why in the world are you calling someone right before leaving for the weekend to change their appt for the beginning of the following week? Makes no sense to me but it got under my skin. I have something else to say too but I need to wait until later so bye for now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

Well, now just about everybody knows our news. I told my boss at work, the staff, and just yesterday I told my students. On Wednesday, we told our Pastor and elder at church and then started telling others at our church. Last night was our gym night with the teens so we told them. Everybody is really excited. A lot of people have asked how I'm doing. Monday night I switched to a different vitamin, which has been much better. I still feel nauseous at times like before, but not sick like on Monday. I am really getting sick of saltines though! In other news: our church softball team won their game on Thursday night. I'm surprised Dave hasn't posted that yet. It was a really exciting win. Good coaching, Dave!!!! Well, the little countdown at the bottom is wrong by a day or so. I'm actually 10 weeks today. And, if you are reading, feel free to leave us comments so we don't feel like we are talking to ourselves!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I know it's really early to be thinking about these things but I'm thinking about it now so I'm going to blog it. That's what a blog is all about, right? Ok, we know what we will name a girl but we can't seem to agree on or come up with a name for a boy. Of course there is a good chance that it will have a present Yankee's name involved somewhere. Especially if the Yanks could win something this year; then it's a given. Lol Hmmm, think I could get Megan to go along with that one? Anyone have any suggestions on boys names?

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Secret's Out

Well, now the secret is out. It was sooo much fun telling everyone and we really appreciate everyone being so happy for us. I have to say my sister, Melinda wins the prize for the best reaction, Megan's mom wins the prize for the most shocked reaction, and my brother, Nathan wins the prize for seeing right through it the quickest. We will do our best to keep everyone updated on how things are going with pictures on here and by writing faithfully. Thanks again everyone and we love you all.


Well, I guess my body knows that our pregnancy is no longer a secret because now I have had morning sickness. Today was the first time. Of all days, on a day when I didn't have an aide to help me out. I survived, but now I'm feeling really miserable. Poor Dave!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More on Dave's Work

Well, Dave is right about his work schedule. I love that right now we have more time to spend together (although if I don't go back to work, his shift wouldn't matter as far as us seeing each other), we see each other more on holidays, he can go to church every week, and coach softball. I do not want him to give all of that up. What scares me is, when we have a baby, I'll be here at night, in this neighborhood by myself. It's one thing to just try to protect myself if anything were to happen, but it scares me to death to think of having to try to protect a baby too. If we were to get out of this neighborhood, that would make it a lot better (be praying about the possibility of our land situation still working out and us being able to sell our house!!!). I know that no neighborhood is completely safe, but I am just more aware at all times because in our neighborhood it is not uncommon to hear of drug deals, fires, home invasions, and most recently, a drive by shooting. If we could get out of this house, I would definitely probably still be for Dave working 12-8. Especially, if we still build because then we can even try to make sure we are building a safe house (as long as we have the budget for it!). Oh, another danger is that our house was easy enough for our teenage neighbor boys to break into when we were locked out!!! lol Anyway, I'm not fully awake yet so I hope this make sense. We just have a lot of decisions to make! Pray for us to have wisdom!

9 weeks

Hello everyone, we just passed the 9 week point and Megan is feeling pretty miserable most of the time. She isn't really sick all the time but she is tired and having stomach issues and all that a lot. Somewhat changing the subject, she had told me before she didn't really want me to leave the 12-8 shift that I work but the other day I asked her again and she said she had been thinking lately that she is worried about being home alone every night without me and that bothers her so who knows, I may be coming off the 12-8 shift soon. We'll see what happens. I would like to be home with her during the night but that probably means I would have to give up coaching softball since leaving 12-8 would mean I would be working 8-4 and 4-12 alternating every week. Well, keep Megan and I in your prayers and we will sincerely appreciate them. Bye for now.