Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

Well, now just about everybody knows our news. I told my boss at work, the staff, and just yesterday I told my students. On Wednesday, we told our Pastor and elder at church and then started telling others at our church. Last night was our gym night with the teens so we told them. Everybody is really excited. A lot of people have asked how I'm doing. Monday night I switched to a different vitamin, which has been much better. I still feel nauseous at times like before, but not sick like on Monday. I am really getting sick of saltines though! In other news: our church softball team won their game on Thursday night. I'm surprised Dave hasn't posted that yet. It was a really exciting win. Good coaching, Dave!!!! Well, the little countdown at the bottom is wrong by a day or so. I'm actually 10 weeks today. And, if you are reading, feel free to leave us comments so we don't feel like we are talking to ourselves!!!!

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