Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, here is what I wanted to say when I said the other day I had more to say. Nobody told me I should get Megan something for Mother's Day this year until about the day of. Thankfully Food Lion saved the day. I got her a mom-to-be card and a stargazer lily (her favorite) she can plant. She was surprised I got her anything and I hope happy. Also, it turns out the Dr's office only needed to push the appt back to 9:00 from 8:30. Now why in the world couldn't they just say that instead of making it sound like they were moving it back a month. Oh well, it's this morning and I'm excited because they said a couple weeks ago we may be able to hear the heartbeat. We will let you know how it goes. P.S. Megan was really sick yesterday. Keep us in your prayers please (her for being sick and me for putting up with her) LOL just kidding honey, I love you!!!!!

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