Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, today was our 2nd doctor's appointment. We basically just went over all the "basic" information. As Dave put it, "brain overload." There was a lot of information, what I can do/can't do, what I can eat/can't eat, when to call the doctor's office, car seats, childbirth classes, etc. But, finally, after all that information, we got to hear the heartbeat. Dave and I were both a little worried that we wouldn't hear it because the last time they said we "should" be able to hear it at this appointment. So, we started thinking, what if we are all excited and can't hear it? But, we heard it. It was really cool; better than I could have imagined. Somehow, with the same numbers though, she said I am due December 5th, but it's only a couple days difference and it will probably come late anyway, so oh well. The lady was really cool though. She kept making references to God and even said what a miracle it was when we heard the heartbeat. So then, I go to work and I'm all excited and tell Mrs. D (my aide) that we heard the heartbeat. She was all excited and then proceeded to tell me that the teacher across the hall that had said she was pregnant about a week or so before I announced, went to an appointment yesterday. At her appointment, they discovered that nothing was growing. It wasn't even forming a baby yet, it was just a big mass. So today she had to go have a procedure done...I can't remember what it is now, but I have heard of it before...a C and something. lol I felt so bad!!! But it also made me really thankful that so far, everything seems to be going okay for us (except for the fact, that now I am getting sick every morning :( yuck!!!!). So you can be praying for that teacher. I'm sure that's really hard to go through. Oh, and by the way, my lily plant and the card were a great surprise!

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I got a weird comment when i tried to leave a comment before so if this is a duplicate that's why....Anyhow I am glad you got good news at your appointment and that things are going well. I am sorry to hear about the other teacher, I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers ~Steph