Sunday, May 11, 2008


Why am I always posting negative things? I don't know but this frustrated me the other day. Our next dr's appt is scheduled to be Tuesday in the morning because Megan needs to go straight to work afterwards. Anyway, Friday I was off work and since I work nights and my sleep schedule gets all messed up on my nights off I wasn't able to sleep......until about 7am. So I got up sometime in the early afternoon and saw there was a voice mail so I listened to it. It was the dr's office saying they needed to change Megan's dr's appt on Tuesday and to call them. I called Megan right away at work so she could call them and take care of it. She did and when she got home she told me she got a machine saying they had left the office at 2pm for the weekend. I looked at the caller id and they didn't call until almost noon. Now why in the world are you calling someone right before leaving for the weekend to change their appt for the beginning of the following week? Makes no sense to me but it got under my skin. I have something else to say too but I need to wait until later so bye for now.

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Megan said...

This sounds like something that would be on Kevin James' "Sweat the Small Stuff" lol I could just hear him getting all worked up about it. Especially if they didn't have phone number rhythm!!! :)