Sunday, May 4, 2008

9 weeks

Hello everyone, we just passed the 9 week point and Megan is feeling pretty miserable most of the time. She isn't really sick all the time but she is tired and having stomach issues and all that a lot. Somewhat changing the subject, she had told me before she didn't really want me to leave the 12-8 shift that I work but the other day I asked her again and she said she had been thinking lately that she is worried about being home alone every night without me and that bothers her so who knows, I may be coming off the 12-8 shift soon. We'll see what happens. I would like to be home with her during the night but that probably means I would have to give up coaching softball since leaving 12-8 would mean I would be working 8-4 and 4-12 alternating every week. Well, keep Megan and I in your prayers and we will sincerely appreciate them. Bye for now.

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