Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New $5/$25 Purchase Rite Aid Coupon

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a new $5/$25 coupon. If you like getting the deals at Rite Aid make sure you print two of these coupons. They expire 12/31/10 so they are good for a couple of months. After looking at the new Video Value coupons there are no $5/$25 in there so I'm not sure if they are ending those but definitely take advantage of the coupon at this link. You should be able to print it twice.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

I went to Rite Aid this morning to take advantage of a few of their items that are free after a single check rebate. The best thing is there are coupons for a couple of the items so that means making money to buy the items. Here are the details with a picture. Theramax Cold & Flu Nasal Spray $6.99 (free after SCR) ThermaCare Back Patch 1ct $2.99 (free after SCR) BodiHeat Patch 3-4ct $2.99 (free after SCR) Blink Tears lubricating eye drops $7.99 (free after SCR) 2 Bottles of Old Spice Bodywash $6.00 (received $2 +UP) TOTAL $26.96 Used $5/$25 video coupon Used $2 off Blink Tears coupon Used $1 off ThermaCare coupon here Used $1 off BodiHeat patch coupon on the package Used B1G1 Old Spice BW coupon Total of coupons off $12.00 bringing the total down to $14.96 Received $2 +UP reward and single check rebates totaling $20.96 For a grand total of an $8.00 MONEYMAKER!!!