Friday, April 17, 2009

First trip to the zoo!

Hi! As Dave said, I took Karissa to the zoo yesterday with ladies and kids from church. I know Karissa is too little to know what the animals are, but figured it would get us out in fresh air and give me a chance to hang out with other moms from church. We had a lot of fun. Considering, it was during her morning nap time, Karissa was really happy. She was smiling and talking and laughing the whole time we were there. She loved it! I had fun hanging out too. You can see some pictures below of her in her Easter outfit and at the zoo. (I had to get a pic of the two of us in our shades lol). So I was supposed to post on Wednesday about my non-existent weight loss, but was too frustrated. However, Jillian is making me healthier because I used to feel like I was going to have a heart attack during the cardio segments and now I don't lol. I moved up to level 2 a couple of days's actually not bad.....I kind of like it...except the last 5 minutes kick my butt. Ask Dave how much I HATE the plank! lol She does too many plank moves in those last few minutes and my arms are weak, but I make it through. So no weight loss this week, but I was able to fit into another pair of my smaller pants (my jeans actually! :). Anyway, back to Karissa. We have a busy upcoming week - library activity time Tuesday, packing for vacation, and scrapbooking Friday, along with all the regular stuff. Then a week from Sunday we leave to go to Hilton Head....I hear the warm weather and ocean calling my name already. Oh and Karissa is already getting close to 11lbs.! Her doctor was hoping she'd be at 11lbs. by her next appointment on May 4th and she is already 10lbs. 13oz. Maybe she'll blow the doctor away and actually make it to the 5th percentile!!!! :) So have a great weekend and enjoy the nice, spring weather (FINALLY!!!).

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Kate said...

Those pictures are adorable! Good luck with your busy schedule this week. At least time will fly by until your vacation!

Congrats on fitting in the jeans! I have some jeans from a few years ago that are a little snugh (and I have no excuse) that I am keeping as motivation.

It was great seeing you guys Saturday night!