Sunday, July 13, 2008

King's Fest

Hey everyone! Well, we just got back from King's Fest in Virginia. It was great as always. Well, kind of lonely for me as I sat watching and envying everybody on the roller coasters, but the concerts were fun. I had to keep telling myself that we are going to try to go back to Cedar Point next year to get me through the times I missed out on coasters. For those of you that don't know us to well, ever since we have been married, it has been tradition for us to go to King's Fest. We leave for Paramount's King's Dominion on Wednesday, set up our campsite, and then enjoy 3 days at the amusement park and the evenings are spent with concerts. It's a great value really considering we pay less than what you would pay to get into an amusement park for 2 days, we get 3 days and concerts. We saw Barlow Girl, Casting Crowns, Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson, David Crowder Band, TobyMac, Kutless, and Newsboys. Many of these bands we have seen at least 2 or 3 times already, but they are so much fun to watch, that we still love it. David Crowder and TobyMac I think are the best to watch. There were several other bands, but we pick and choose who we want to see and ride the rides during the shows we don't really care for. Anyway, it was good that we were able to have friends (Rob and Kate) go with us because otherwise, poor Dave would have had to stand in lines by himself to ride anything. The camping part was really good. I didn't have any problems, in fact, I was a little chilly at night. The only problem was walking around the park. By the end of the night, my back was usually killing me so much that I was walking really pokey (and if you know me, I'm usually dragging people along and walking fast). By Saturday night, Dave had to carry me piggy-back across part of the parking lot to the shuttle because my back hurt so bad. But, after sleeping last night and just a day of travel today, my back is much better. So now, I'm doing laundry to get ready to go to the Home Run Derby tomorrow. I can't wait!!!! So, to change the subject, we are going back to get another ultrasound next week. They need better pictures of the umbilical cord. It didn't sound like anything to be concerned about, they just didn't get good pictures, so I'm excited to get to see Ally again. :) We'll update later this week after NYC!!!! P.S. For some reason, the slide show only shows the captions if you scroll the mouse over the picture.

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Kate said...

Hey Dave and Megan!!

King's Fest was awesome!!! Thanks soooo much for inviting us and helping us (well, me, actually) get accustomed to camping. We had so much fun with you both.

I'm so sorry, Megan, that you couldn't ride the rides with us; that was definitely a bummer. I'm already looking forward to next year when we can all ride the roller coasters together.

Whenever I get around to uploading our pictures, I'll be sure to send copies to you.

Have fun at the home run derby! I'm so jealous, especially since I am sitting here at work wishing I was anywhere but here. lol.