Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dave's winning again

Hello! So, Dave is beating me at posts again so I figured I'd try to get another post in. Not really much to say, but I can't let him beat me! :) I keep forgetting to update after our first ultrasound. I posted that they had changed my due date. I was kind of upset about that and when I was talking to my mom she mentioned they probably said that just because Ally is so small because I was so sick. I decided that was going to be what I thought and kept thinking of my due date as December 8th. Anyway, at our July appointment Dave asked about the due date being changed and the doctor said that they usually just give extra time in case they are wrong, but that if I am pretty sure of my dates that it would probably be closer to the 8th than the 17th. That made me feel better. So, July has been busy and our August is going to be just as busy. This is the first year that we did not go away for our anniversary. We are doing a little mini vacation to NYC mid-August. We chose NYC instead of our usual Mexico trip because it will be cheaper and we won't be able to get to NYC between Christmas and New Year's (another tradition). So, we've been picking out a lot of things we'd like to do that we don't have time for when we only go for two days. I also looked up the addresses for the Baby Depot and Babies 'R Us (they'll be so much bigger in New York!!). Dave had to have one surprise for me. I knew it was to go see a show (I've always wanted to see a Broadway show), but didn't know what it was. For our anniversary, he filled me in.....we're going to see Grease on Broadway!!!!! That's the one show I really, really, really wanted to see. I can't wait. It's funny because I think my scrapbook has been full even more this year than in the past. Ally will have so many adventures from before she was even born! Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Its nice to see ya post please don't let dave win LOL hope your feeling better i fell bad for you dave should have to share the pain more LOL he's a good guy i'm share he feels it i did when my wife was sick well just think soon it will all be better and she will be in your arms i cryed what a feeling GOOD LUCK see ya your friend brian

Kate said...

Hi Megan! That is so cool that you're going to see Grease! That will be awesome! Dave did a great job picking out a show.