Thursday, July 3, 2008

More News!

Well, Dave got to post the exciting news about our ultrasound because I had posted it on our facebook. It was only fair that he got to post it here. Again, he's beating me at posts though so I thought I'd post today and hopefully he doesn't get too upset that I'm sharing his exciting news. I've been feeling the baby for several weeks now, but most of the time it was just a little here and there so I knew until I told Dave, he wouldn't get to me in time to feel it. She definitely has Dave's energy and can't stay still...she's moving all the time. :) So, today, we were both working around the house and I just sat down to rest after doing some cleaning when she started moving all around. I called to Dave who was working in another room and he came out. Of course since she kept moving it took a few minutes of me making him move his hands all around and all the sudden he looked up with a big grin on his face and said something like "That's cool!" He was able to feel her moving!! The bad news is that the ultrasound tech changed my due date. She said I am only 16 weeks and moved our due date back more than a week to December 17th. Some ladies from our church told me they do that all the time and that it might even get moved back and forth, so that helped me feel better, but oh well. On another note, we hope everyone has a happy 4th tomorrow! So many exciting things happening with the baby and then next week is King's Fest followed by the Home Run Derby/NYC. I can't wait!


Aunt Leah said...

I just have to say I'm so ecited for you guys that your BOTH able to feel the kicking. Just wait until Dave gets to feel the whole baby move across your belly, it's so cool! Our baby also had an amazing amount of energy, he/or/she moves SO much.. Thanks for having me over for the BBQ today, I had a great time I just wish Chris could have come with me! Maybe next time. Have fun at Kings Fest!

Anonymous said...

Hey i'm so happy for you guys a girl thats GREAT sorry it took this long to say how HAPPY i am for you guys i was off for 6 days hope your feeling better have a great day i wish nothing but the best for you guys GOOD LUCK!!!