Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello everyone. Well, this morning Megan woke me up saying she thought her water had broke. She had called the DR and he said for her to wait an hour and see if it was still going heavy and if so, go to the hospital. It still was heavy so we left for the hospital around 11:30AM. After we got there and into an exam room they tested the fluid and said it was not amniotic fluid. They decided to check and see if she was dilated and she was 2 cm. She started having mild contractions shortly after we got there but the nurse said they weren't labor contractions. They said for Megan to walk around the hospital for an hour and drink lots of water and come back. We did that and nothing had changed so they called our DR and he said to send us home. There are still conflicting dates because they were saying Megan was 36 1/2 weeks (because of the ultrasound) but our original date says we are 38 weeks tomorrow. Because of that, they say she is not quite term so they wouldn't do anything to bring labor. We have now been home for a little more than an hour and she is having very painful contractions only a few minutes apart. I have a feeling we will be calling the DR shortly and heading back to the hospital possibly. Please pray!!

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Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

How exciting!!! Good luck with everything. Keep us posted. I'm thrilled for you both. Being a parent is such a blessing...well most of the time!