Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Long Now!!!!

Well, Megan is 37 weeks today!! It seems like time is creeping by but when I think back it seems like only a few days ago that we saw the + sign on the pregnancy test. Our dr. appt. this past week went well. Except for the fact that when we got there, they said we didn't have an appt. scheduled so Megan gave them her appt. card and they called us back a few minutes later. It was the quickest we have ever gotten in. I said hopefully they will forget every time. Our dr. said Ally's head is down and everything is good. After our appt. we were able to tour the hospital and see the rooms and the uncomfortable chair that will be my bed for a night or two. We are now on a weekly schedule of seeing the dr. so our next appt. is Wednesday. Now that the pregnancy is considered full term Megan is hoping Ally comes NOW. Lol, she has had a lot of back pain so she's ready for the pregnancy to be over. Also, yesterday she was having Braxton Hicks contractions all day. (At least I hope that's what they were.) She has all the bags packed and everything ready for the trip to the hospital. Now if it can just happen when I'm home we will be in business. I'll try to get a new picture of Megan on here in the next day or so. C-ya


Kate said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet baby Ally.

Hang in there, Megan! I hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

i just caught up on your blog. great job guys. i had had never seen the little graphic at the bottom with your little baby countdown..or up. i am ready to welcome her aytime, so please don't hold back on my account. :)excited gramma

Sis said...