Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello peoples. There isn't really much to say but there is something I really want to tell. I got tickets to the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium in a couple weeks. I am soooo pumped up and can't wait. Megan is really excited about it too. Trust me, she is; you can ask her. I won't tell you how she's been feeling because every time I do, it goes downhill. Let's just say we are really looking forward to our first ultrasound on Tuesday. I sure hope we are able to see if we are having a boy or girl but I'm expecting we won't be able to so I won't be too disappointed. Megan has been able to feel the baby moving lately but of course every time I try to feel I can't feel anything. Soon I will be able to hopefully. That's what everybody says anyway. Well, not much else is going on. Megan is doing a lot of looking for cribs and all that baby stuff. I hope we are able to get some used things because I will go broke for her expensive and ritzy taste. LOL I love you honey!!!!! Ok, I'm done, C-YA!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Megan and Dave,

I may or may not have left a comment before, but I still wish to say that you have a very nice blog here; enjoyed the reading, particularly the photos. Best wishes and kudos for sharing. Sam (aka Fish)

Anonymous said...

You knew I had picky taste before you married me!!!! lol And its for the safety of the baby....well, okay, and because I like stuff that looks good too. :)