Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dr Appt.

What's up friends and family? It's your good buddy Dave checking in again. We had another dr's appt yesterday and heard the heartbeat again. It was just as cool as the first time. I mentioned it sounded like a galloping horse since it is beating so fast. Lol Then I said "or maybe he's running to first after hitting a line drive." The dr laughed and said "oh, so it's already a boy" and we told her that everyone else is telling us it's a boy so we are talking like it's a boy. I hope to have a new pic of Megan on here by later today. I keep forgetting to take one and she sure isn't going to remind me since she hates her picture being taken. For those who don't know we have decided Megan will be staying home and not working so we are trusting God to meet our needs financially. This means me working more overtime and it hasn't been available much. I'm also helping my dad cut trees for some extra money. Anyone out there who needs some trees taken off your property or limbs cut out, let me know. Also, Megan is available for tutoring so please talk to her if you would like her to tutor your child or if you know someone who is looking for a tutor. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that we will trust God to supply our needs. We believe it but sometimes it's hard to live it. Well, I'm done for now. Oh, one more thing, if you leave a comment anonymously, could you please put your name at the end? Thanks, we like to know who is leaving the comments and we thank you for them all!!!


Sis said...

Ummmm, I don't see any new pictures! He he :) I think it's wonderful if Megan can stay home with the baby. We are going through the same things right now, we don't want me to have to go back to work, and I was worried about money for a while, and then I figured why should I be? God knows best and he will provide the money, and the worrying is not good for me anyways. I love you both and will be praying for you, can't wait to see ya again! Thanks again for coming to our House Warming Party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I'm glad to hear Megan will be staying home with the baby. I'm sure God will look after all 3 of you. Nothing like hearing a good strong heart beat and I agree, it's always exciting. I'm looking forward to another picture of her and thank you for sharing your news and updates with us.
Take care,

Mel said...

WOW!! I was so surprised to see that you have been reading my blog. I was very excited to see that you and Dave are doing well and are now expecting. Where have you been teaching? Are you happy about not returning in the fall? So many things happening at once. Congratulations on the little babe and I can't wait to follow your adventure here. Have a great week!