Thursday, June 19, 2008

I agree

Megan is right, it is going to be one busy summer!!! I just hope it is not too much stress on Megan or the baby. At least she isn't working so she can relax the rest of the time. She didn't even include the weekend Nate and Melinda (my siblings from out of state) are coming to visit and see the preggo girls!!! Or our trip to FL in August with my parents. Hmmm, maybe we should cut some things out. LOL Nah, I'll make sure she gets plenty of rest in between and during. I know I keep promising new pictures and they don't show up. I'm sorry about that but I promise there will be pics by Sunday. On a good note, Megan and I have taken walks each of the last two days. It's been really nice out and it's felt good to take walks together. That's also a good sign that she has felt good enough to get out and do that. Now hopefully she will start feeling good enough soon so we can go to the beach. Haven't made it there yet and this is late in the season for us not to have gotten to the beach yet. Well, I'm out of positive things to say so I'm outta here!!!!

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Anonymous said...

well its sunday and no pics yet LOL its nice to see you guys are going for walks and glad she is feeling better have a fun summer i'll keep my eye out for new posts