Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick weigh in

Just a quick weigh in post. It's our last week for this challenge at The Sisterhood. I'm down just under 1 lb...not much, but not bad considering for the past few weeks I've had no motivation. Thankfully, I got my motivation back - I started the Couch 2 5K program on Monday. I was too out of shape to really do it completely, but today I did it because I just jogged instead of worrying about my pace. I feel great! Hopefully, this is something I can stick with. Talk to you later!


Washing Away the Gain said...

Good job with the weight loss and the jogging. I tried to jog for the first time today too, but was unsuccessful. A blog post is coming up about it tomorrow!

Brooke said...

i love that program. when i was doing it i always concentrated on minutes rather than distance. i'm not up to a 10 minute mile (as their pace recommends) yet and i've been running since march!

Kate said...

Hey! congrats on the weight loss!

Becca and I did the couch-to-5k in the spring and ran in a 5k on July 4th...the program is great! I liked how it eased into the running; in the past, my knees always hurt whenever I've tried to run but they didn't on that plan. Keep us up-dated on how you like it!

I just wish I could say that I've kept up with it but July has been busy for us (excuses, excuses, I know).