Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching Up

I'm sorry it's been so long since we blogged but I will attempt to catch you up. This could take you an hour or so to read so grab a bag of popcorn or something. Just kidding. Sorry, I hope I didn't cause any of you weight losers to gain weight from that. OK, let's see, softball season is over. I always enjoy it but this year was challenging for me as a coach to not get too frustrated and not to lose my testimony because of bad umpiring. Well, we ended up next to last in our division and lost the first two games in the tournament. Not very impressive. I did get to play in the all star game and that was fun. I entered the home run derby and hit none. (I didn't feel bad because nobody hit any except one person and he hit one and was the winner. lol) Last Monday, July 27th we left for Baptist Bible College in PA and took 3 of our teens from church to Teen Leadership Conference. This is a conference I went to as a teenager and loved it and wanted to take our teens to it. At first we were disappointed we only had 3 go but it was well worth it. My mom was going to go and help with Karissa but she wasn't able to go so we just took Karissa to the sessions (we didn't want to use the daycare when it was people we didn't know). She did very well except the late session each night was too much for her so Megan usually had to take her back to our room so she could go to bed. We had a good time and learned a lot that we hope to implement into our youth group. One of our guys accepted Christ as his personal savior!! It was so awesome and we are very excited to see what God does in his life. Please remember him in your prayers. His name is Zach. Tonight we are going to our second Yankees game of the season at Yankee Stadium as a family. (I went to a game back on July 25th with a friend from work.) We are seeing them play the Red Sox. Hopefully they can get a win and break out of the funk they are in against the Sox so far this year. We are staying in New York after the game and spending the next day doing some fun things in the city. This is our anniversary present to ourselves. Oh yeah, we celebrated our 4th anniversary back on July 23rd. We celebrated by going to an awesome restaurant in Ocean City, MD called Horizon's that has a great buffet with snow crab legs, steamed shrimp, prime rib, fried clams, and tons of other stuff. We realized all of our anniversarys including our wedding have been overlooking the water except 1 but that was very close so we decided from now on, we will always eat at a restaurant everlooking the water (by water we don't mean a pond or lake) no matter if we are celebrating at home or away. Karissa has been growing like a weed. She is now 8 months, 2 weeks old. We aren't able to get a good length check on her ourselves but we keep track of her weight with our baby scale. At last check a few days ago she was at 16lbs 11 ounces. She started saying dada while we were in PA. That has been so cool. I love it! She talks all the time now. She still isn't crawling but she is getting close we think. She would much prefer to stand up and try to walk with mommy holding her hands. Well, I think that mostly catches you up. I'll have Megan blog on her couch to 5K fun she is doing!! Ha ha.

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Kate said...

Hey, guys!

Megan - how is the couch to 5k going? What do you think of it? I need to get back into running, I've been lazy the last month. I wish we lived closer and could run together! Do you have one of those cool running stollers? or do you wait until Dave gets home?

Have things calmed down for you? Or are you still busy with lots of plans? In the past month, we've been on three trips - PA with Rob's family, Maine with Danny & Becca, and the Outer Banks with my family. While I'm sad to have my vacations over, I'm looking forward to some downtime at home. What about you guys?