Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been so we have any readers left?

What a horrible blogger I's been more than 2 weeks since our last post....horrible I know. I'll be shocked if anyone is still reading since it's been so long. Because it's been so long, I can't even remember what we need to fill everyone in on. Back on Aug. 6-7th we went to NYC. We saw the Yankees beat Boston on the 6th. That was good because the last time I saw a Yanks/Sox game, it didn't go so well lol. (I don't have a blog about it and don't really want to relive it, but if you don't know us too closely, let's just say we got stuck in Jersey City for a weekend with no place to stay...) This game went much better. Yanks had such a lead we left a little early because Karissa was tired and wouldn't sleep in that noise. The energy at the game was great as always, but there are definitely no open seats when the Red Sox are playing the Yankees so it was packed and loud...and little miss nosey won't sleep if there is something going on. So we left the game and headed to our hotel. Took a little under an hour to go like 10 miles to our hotel. Everyone else decided to leave early too I guess. We drove through the city (my first time in a car in the city), right through Times Square, to our hotel. Our hotel was very nice. However, I had forgotten our Pack n Play. Can you believe it??? As many times as we have traveled with Karissa and I forget one of the main things and we weren't spending the money to buy one (if it were formula or something, we could just buy more). So we asked about cribs (I swore she would never sleep in a hotel crib, but thought we'd ask for one and I could see how bad it was a very nice hotel after all lol). Waited about 15 minutes and finally get a call back that they don't have any left. We asked for some extra blankets thinking we'd lay Karissa on the floor, and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally I put a towel on the floor because it was going on 1am and Karissa needed to sleep. Of course, then they came with the blankets. So, their night staff wasn't the best, but I'd still stay at that hotel again. It was very nice, two blocks to Times Square, yet out of the way enough where you don't have to worry about stopping on a super busy street to unload your stuff. The next day we went to Union Square, Times Square, and Central Park. Karissa loved Central Park, including the fast carousel. She also loved all of the tall buildings. She was looking up and talking the whole time. She loved NYC, which is great, because we do too! So after NYC, we were busy with family because Dave's sister was in town, then my sister and our nephew were in town, then we had teen things going on...whew! So here we are almost 20 days since our last post. And this post probably doesn't make much sense since I'm not fully awake yet. Hope we still have a few reading our blog. Karissa and I are off to return DVD's and books to the library, get new ones, and then probably spending some time at the park since it's right next to the library. I'm also hopefully going to work on pictures today and put some on here. Have a great day everyone.

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Kate said...

I'm so glad Karissa likes NYC!

I can't wait to see new pictures. I like you're blog because I'm able to keep with you guys even though we don't get to hang out as much as we want to :(