Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anyone there?

Sorry it has been so long. We have been SUPER busy. We got back from Ohio and Dave's sister, Melinda, was visiting so we were busy with getting unpacked and cleaned up from our mini-vacation and then visiting with her and then went to PA for a couple of days. Then had a couple really busy days here (Sunday was church and a friend's party, Monday was laundry, packing, and a softball game, and yesterday was a couple of meetings and more packing). Whew! There are just a few pics below of the time we spent with family. This morning Karissa and I are going to our library program, then to pick up my mom, home, and then leave for King's Dominion. Even though we are thoroughly exhausted and I'm a little worried about Karissa camping, we're looking forward to this year's King's Fest. Switchfoot will be there this year so I'm looking forward to seeing them again (they've never been to King's Fest that I know of). Of course there's the usual Jeremy Camp and David Crowder Band that we always look forward to also. is Wednesday...last week I didn't even post it because we were so busy and I had gained a couple pounds (gulp). I know why I did though and I won't get into that...besides Cheryl's good cooking and the ice cream. I'm down 1 lb this week, but the challenge ends in 2 weeks so there's no way I'm meeting my original goal and had to adjust. I'm going to try for 4 more lbs. before the end. We'll see. Next week, hopefully I'll be back into posting more regularly. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Kate said...

I hope you're having a ball at King's Fest! I've enjoyed the pictures so far, even if they do make me envious.