Monday, June 29, 2009

Home....for a few days.

So, we got home last night from our mini-vaca to Ohio. We drove the 7 hours out there on Wednesday. We got there early evening, had dinner, and just hung out with family. I stayed at the house with Karissa so she could go to bed as the others went for ice cream. There is a place they took us to the last time we were out there that do homemade ice cream...reminds me of King's (our fave place here). They did bring me a brownie sundae was really good, but I was somewhat good and only ate half of it and shared the other half with my...cousin? (It's a long story how we are related lol. Kim is my mom's cousin. Cheryl is his wife and Joel is their son...but Dave and I started calling them Uncle Kim and Aunt Cheryl and refer to Joel as our cousin because that's more like how it seems.) Okay...enough rambling. Thursday Joel had off work so he and Dave went golfing. Dave won this time, but Joel won the last time we were out there so next time there will be a rematch. :) Uncle Kim, Aunt Cheryl, my mom, Karissa, and I went to the Akron Zoo. It was less than $10 to get in (my Aunt Cheryl is the coupon queen...even gave Dave and Joel golf coupons) and it had a lot of stuff that our local free zoo doesn't have - penguins, lions, tigers, a jellyfish exhibit, etc. Karissa had a lot of fun and she got the animals to make noises at her. As we were watching the Galapagos Tortoises, she was talking to them and all of the sudden the one looked at her and hissed really loud. She thought it was interesting, but needless to say, she and I stepped a little further back from the fence. lol Then as we were walking through the petting zoo part, it was really quiet and all of the sudden this one sheep did it's "baaaaaa" really loud while looking at her and got the rest of the sheep going. We had fun. Friday was Cedar Point day. We LOVE Cedar Point. If you don't know what it is or have never heard of it, where have you been?! lol It has the most coasters at one park. I lost count how many...they had 12 when I was in high school, but they've had several new ones since then. Plus, it's on a penninsula on Lake Erie so all around is water. Our favorites are Top Thrill Dragster (shoots you out at like 120mph and straight up 400-some feet and straight down) and Millenium Force which is 100 feet shorter and not as fast, but longer and right by the water so as you go up the hill it looks like you are right above the water. Karissa liked the space needle ride, the Sky Ride, the carousel, the kiddie water raft ride, the train, the BIG ferris wheel, and she slept through the antique cars. She had a lot of fun and did really well even though she was hot and tired. Saturday was more relaxing. Dave and Uncle Kim went to Harbour Freight to get a wagon that we had been looking at for going to the beach. Aunt Cheryl, my mom, Karissa, and I went to a local Flea/Farmer's Market. It was HUGE, but we got there kind of late so a lot of them were packing up. I thought about getting some peppers, peaches, etc. but I was worried they'd get too banged up on the ride home. I only got a new set of Dryer Balls. We stayed around for lunch yesterday and then left for home. The ride home took a little more than 8 hours...there was a lot of traffic, but we got home in time for Dave to get to work on time. Today I'll be doing laundry and unpacking. Tomorrow we have Dave's family coming and then softball. It looks like a great week and I'd love to get to the beach, but we leave to go to PA to visit my sister and her family and my grandparents (my grandfather's health is going downhill so we don't think we have much time left with him) on Friday and Saturday...I am so exhausted just thinking about the next couple of weeks!

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