Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Well, I cannot remember the last time we had a day off. My sister and her family came to visit so Thursday we hung out with them and Dave was supposed to have a softball game, but it got cancelled because of the weather. Friday we had errands to run in Dover and then went back to my parents' to hang out with my family. Saturday we had a teen event so I had to take Karissa down to my parents' house so my family could spend more time with her and babysit. As I was there, my mom told me that it was supposed to storm and rain, so I checked the weather channel and saw she was right. Friday night, that wasn't the forecast and the teen girls were having a pool party. I called Dave who was sleeping in a little to make sure he was awake and then asked him what we should do. He made some calls to the people that were hosting the teens and decided to go ahead with the event (the boys were doing archery), but we'd move the girls to the church for games instead of the pool. It worked, and was kind of nice because we shortened it so I was able to see Karissa about 1-2 hours earlier than I thought I would. I still HATE leaving her even though she is 7 months that normal? lol
We went back to my parents and hung out, had dinner, then went to the boardwalk. Dylan (our nephew) loves to ride rides so it's a lot of fun to watch him. And Karissa went on some too and loved it. She went on the carousel, the little Ferris Wheel, and Dylan drove us in the trucks. There are pics below. I think she liked the Ferris Wheel the best and that was the one I was worried about because of it going a little higher. Everytime they would start coming back down, she would start smiling and flapping her arms around. I couldn't really get a good pic though. She'll have a great time at Cedar Point :) although she needs to wait a few years before going on the coasters lol.
Sunday we went to church and out to lunch. Karissa and I got Dave a photo card with a pic of him and her at Yankee Stadium on it. We also got him a wallet size photo book filled with pics of the two of them, so he can carry that with him. We used the $10 for Outback that we got when we went for Mother's Day, plus we got another coupon for Father's Day. I didn't used to like them because I don't like steak, but they have a really good quesadilla! Then we had to run to BJ's for some items and came home. Dave was able to get some sleep, which he needed because of being on the go so much. And I did some cleaning and relaxing (as much as I could...I've been having a spasm in my back ever since yesterday afternoon and it won't go away). The next few days won't be any different - today I need to clean (I hate coming back to a messy house after vacation) and organize the cars, we are visiting friends and their baby this afternoon, then a softball game, and dinner with the team afterwards; tomorrow is laundry and packing and loading the car, and Wednesday after I weigh in and Dave gets home from work, we leave. Hmmm...when we will have a relaxing day at home or the beach again? lol Hope all the dads had a great Father's Day! Oh, and in all of our chaos, I totally forgot to get a pic of Dave and Karissa on Father's Day, what kind of wife/mother am I????

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My Regular Voice said...

There is nothing better then seeing the joy on your baby's face from a ride. I just love that!! Fun photos. Maybe you can pretend it's Father's Day today and take a picture. LOL. :D