Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry for lack of posting.

**UPDATE: Pics are in a slideshow below. Scroll over the pic to see the caption.** I have been so busy with softball that I never get on here to post anymore. Megan mentioned yesterday posting about King's Fest so I figured I would go ahead. So we were thankful to have the Pilot to take to King's Fest. There is absolutely no way we would have packed everything into the Accord. Not to mention having a beautiful girl sitting in a car seat and all her stuff packed in. Anyway, we had a pretty good drive there and Karissa was a very good girl. She didn't enjoy the traffic backed up around DC but none of us did. It took us close to 4 hours to get there. We immediately got unpacked and Megan and I put up both tents and got all of our stuff unpacked in record time. We went to the store and got groceries and enjoyed the rest of our first evening. Thursday, we went to King's Dominion and had a great time riding rides and watching Karissa ride the rides she could ride. Her favorite was the Scooby Doo ride. She was so wide eyed looking at everything as we rode through. (I will have Megan post all the pictures in another post because I am at work and don't have access to the pictures here.) We all took turns babysitting so others could ride rides and it worked out great. (Megan's mom, Cathy, went to help out with Karissa and it was great having her there.) Karissa was such a good girl and seemed to enjoy KD just like she did Cedar Point. On Friday Megan and I went into the park alone and rode rides and were disappointed because many were shut down and others didn't run all the time and we didn't get to ride much. Overall we had a great time and enjoyed all the concerts we went to and Karissa slept awesome even though we had some loud neighbors and she was very good with her mom-mom watching her. I would say our first camping trip with a baby was a big time success and we look forward to many more to come. We didn't come home saying we definitely will be back next year because the music just wasn't up to the level it usually is. They had two borderline Christian groups this year (Switchfoot and Relient K) and they brought a different type of people that weren't enjoyable to be around a lot of the time. That said, Switchfoot did a really good show and we enjoyed all the other concerts. We didn't really care for Relient K and I wouldn't go out of my way to see them again. I'm sure we will go back next year though, because of groups like David Crowder Band, Skillet, and Jeremy Camp. Our next trip will begin Monday, July 27 when we take 3 of our teens to Teen Leadership Conference in PA for a week. We are nervous about it because we aren't sure how Karissa will be and we aren't sure we want to leave her in daycare with people we don't know. Please pray everything will work out and we will get an awesome blessing out of this week. Please leave comments!! We haven't heard from many of you lately. I know it's our fault since we haven't posted much but still....

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