Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caught up?!

So, are we finally caught up?  I think after this post we will be!  Then it will be getting caught up on reading everybody else's blogs!

The month of January was pretty calm compared to the end of last year!  If you really know us, you've probably heard me say that Karissa will be the class clown.  She is always being silly and she knows it.  When you tell her, "You are silly" she looks at you and gives a grin and giggles as if she is saying, "I know!  Thanks!" lol  Anyway, during January, she really stepped it up.

The first thing I'll tell you about that she did isn't really funny, just really cute!  I love to read (although haven't really read much in the past year...hope to get back into it) and Dave isn't a reader.  Karissa loves to look at books.  She has some that we keep in the living room for her to look at and then a bookshelf full in her room that we read before nap and bed times.  So I was trying to get cleaning done one day and she went crawling into her room (this was just before she started walking) and closed the door.  I thought, "oh boy, she's already kicking us out of her room!" lol  It was very quiet so I peeked in and she was reading a book.  I continued cleaning and every couple minutes would peek in her room and she would just be sitting there reading.  It was SO cute!

Then, the next day, she was in her high chair with her water cup.  Again, I took the opportunity to do some straightening up.  She kept banging on her tray and I thought nothing of it.  After a few minutes, I heard a thud and saw she threw her bib on the floor.  Her bib shouldn't have made that much noise hitting the floor.  So, I went and picked it up.  It was soooo heavy with water.  I look at her high chair tray, covered in water.  I realize she squeezed all of the water out of her sippy cup and was playing in it.  Her hair was soaked, her shirt and pants were soaked.  Goofy girl! lol

This month was a big month for Karissa too because she started walking and said her first word.  She can squat down and pick stuff up and stand back up and walk around pretty good.  But, she can't stand from sitting if there is nothing for her to pull up on so then she'll crawl.  She is also so close to saying "ball" but not quite.  Then one night during a bath we were playing with her bubbles and she says "bubble" out of nowhere!  I thought I was hearing things, but Dave came in and she did it a few more times in front of him.  However, she hasn't said it since so that we could get it on video....of course!

She loves to shake her head "no."  She'll point to something she wants and I'll tell her no.  Then every few minutes after that, she'll go back to the item, point at it, look at me, and shake her head if she's telling me no. lol

Anyway, enough bragging about Karissa.  Like I said, it was a pretty calm month.  Can't believe how much snow we've gotten!  She loves it!  Maybe more this week...but I'm ready for summer!!!!!!  (All of that is completely unrelated so I better stop rambling now! lol)

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