Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas pics

Here are some Christmas pictures...sorry so late.  We had a wonderful day with our families.  At first, Karissa wasn't that into opening the gifts.  She would tear a tiny piece and then look around like "Is it okay for me to do this?" lol  But, by evening she'd open one and then sign "more."  lol  Everyone spoiled her, but we only got her 3 gifts and then stocking stuffers.  Friends of ours do that because Jesus got 3 gifts and we liked that idea plus we knew she'd be getting plenty of stuff from her grandparents. 

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Kate said...

I love the 3-gifts idea, too! I watched my niece open so many gifts that she couldn't enjoy, much less appreciate, any one of them and I decided that I don't want that for our kids. My sister-in-law asked for donations to her daughter's college fund, in lieu of a gift. I liked that idea, too.

Don't get me wrong, presents are fun, it's just present overload that I don't like. It causes us to forget the true meaning of the holiday.