Sunday, January 17, 2010

Better late than never....part 2

So there were some other events in December before Christmas.  Dave and I go to NYC every year for is a tradition that started when we got engaged.  We go on Dave's days off work so when I was working, that meant the Thursday and Friday between Christmas and New Year's because that was his days off and my break from work.  Last year, with everything going on with Karissa, we didn't go.  This year, Dave's days off would have meant going on Christmas day (YES - Dave had OFF work on Christmas this year!!!!!).  Since I am not working, we decided we could go earlier in the month instead of after Christmas so that's what we did.  Karissa had a great time...we of course went to Serendipity (that is a MUST...another tradition), to see the tree of course, Times Square (and rode the ferris wheel in Toys R Us), and did some shopping.

We also had a BIG snowstorm about a week before Christmas.  We NEVER get snow this early in the year.  When we do get snow it's usually only an inch or two and melts within a day.  Last March, we got about 6inches or a little more, which is a lot.  This year, we got about a foot of snow and it stuck around until it rained Christmas evening.  Karissa LOVED it...she would laugh and laugh when we took her out in it.  (Even the other day we only got about an inch or two and she still loved that!).

Here are some pics of our NYC trip and the snowstorm.

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