Thursday, May 6, 2010

WOW, I'm a couponer!!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted a blog on here. I am a little embarrassed by that and am sorry. I have no excuses for why it has been so long. We are very busy but that isn't a good excuse since I have all night to post something quick. Anyway, many of you know that we, well, I mainly have gotten into couponing. We were hearing from friends and family that you can save a lot of money buying groceries and other items and since we had recently had a baby we were interested. Megan started out as the couponer but couldn't keep up with the time it demanded so I took over and have become a pro!! HAHA. I don't know the last time Megan grocery shopped and I am glad that I have been able to take that burden from her since she has a lot on her plate with a growing baby who demands a lot of her attention. I am going to start blogging about the deals I hear and read about and tell you the best deals for our area based on the coupons we get in our local papers and the prices for the stores in the Delaware area. If you read our blog and aren't from the area, the deals may be better for you because I have come to find out our prices are some of the highest I have found. If you are thinking that none of the stores I give deals for are close to you, the money you can save will outweigh driving out of your way a little bit. I clip all coupons from newspapers and print many coupons from the internet. Sometimes you can wait to print a coupon from the internet until there is a good deal using that coupon but sometimes you have to print it as soon as it's available because it won't last long before it's taken off and when a good deal comes around, the link is dead. Our budget when we got married for groceries and all household items and personal care items was $200 a month which I've been told is low even for 2 people. Once we had Karissa we were struggling to keep it even close to that but since I have been couponing most months I'm closer to $150 and that includes groceries, personal items, household items including cleaning products, diapers, wipes, etc. and our pantry, fridge, freezer and cupboards are all stuffed. If you would like to start saving your family money and doing what I do, I recommend getting a newspaper and saving all the coupons that you would use even if they are for items you don't normally get because they are expensive. I buy the Baltimore Sun Sunday paper because there are more coupons and better coupons than our local paper but then I also get the leftover coupons from my mom's Sunday paper (News Journal). Then I would recommend getting a printer if you don't have one. Some of the best coupons are found online and can be printed with your printer. You don't need to have a fancy printer; I found a Canon photo printer on clearance at Staples for $12.50 and have gotten way more for my money than I ever imagined. You should also sign up for all the rewards cards you can so you can get deals at all the places I mention. I have Food Lion's MVP, Superfresh's Club Card, Giant's card, Harris Teeter's Vic, and CVS's Extra Care Card. Also register your card online because they send you extra promotions by email. Please let me know you are following my blogs so I know if this is worth doing. I am planning on blogging several times per week, probably every day but if nobody is reading then there will be no point. Recommend the blog to your friends and save the link in your favorites. If you have any questions about couponing, please email me at I would be more than happy to help you save money.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
This is Liz, I went to college with Megan and my husband and I have two kids. Yes I am interested in the coupon updates. I just saw the link to your blog on facebook. Will be checking back with you to see up coming sales. You mentioned the Baltimore Sun, do you get that a gas stations around here? or mailed to your home?
Thanks for the info, Liz

BigDave said...

Hi Liz, thanks for following our blog. I get the Sun at a gas station in Georgetown Sunday morning after I get off work. I looked into getting it mailed but it was pretty expensive. I also emailed the Sun and asked if they could give me a list of locations in my area where I can pick it up and never heard back. I'm sure there are other locations in our area. I get mine at the Shell just north of the 113/9 intersection northbound side. Thanks, Dave