Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yankees Game

Karissa's first trip to NYC and Yankee Stadium was this past Thursday. It was going to be her first time on the subway too because usually we park in NJ and take the PATH train to the World Trade Center and then take the subway to the Bronx. But, Dave looked into it and decided if we get to a parking garage as soon as they open, we should be able to find parking and it would only cost a couple dollars more to drive over the GW Bridge and park than if we parked in NJ and paid for the trains. We decided to drive in would be best because at least Karissa could be in her car seat and sleeping as we were sitting in traffic to get out of the city, but if we were on the subway, she'd stay awake looking at everything. We got into the city with only sitting in a little traffic, got a spot in the garage, and then walked down the street to go in a couple of the stores (we wanted to get Karissa a baby Yankees hat and blanket...succeeded in a hat, couldn't find a blanket). Then, we went to check out the new stadium. It was great. We walked around, looked at everything, eyed up the Johnny Rockets milkshakes (they have the BEST milkshakes), then headed to our seats. We loved that the stadium is still similar to the old one. Some people complain and say it is too much like the old one, but we like it like that. It's like the old stadium only newer and bigger. We still sit in the bleachers (they're the cheaper ticket package and better views than the nosebleeds) and now there is a little more room. So, now on to the game....we only got to see Joba pitch a tiny bit. :( The Yankees had been doing pretty well so we went into this questioning if we'd get to see a win and when Joba came out of the game, we were really questioning. Surprisingly, they did win! :) Karissa has now seen the Yankees win 2 times (in person...of course she watches the games from home with her daddy). If you have been following our blog, you know last year was sad at our last game, but I was happy to see they keep many of the traditions I hoped they would. The "bleacher creatures" still chant out each player's name until they acknowledge it, the grounds crew still does the YMCA, and there is still nothing better than Metallica (as much as we HATE them) being played and the crowd going crazy as "Mo" Rivera comes in to end the game. So we had a great time and everyone around us loved Karissa and wanted to take our picture for us and talk to her and say how pretty she was. We have some pics below. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and remember to thank all of our troops (past and present) for what they do!

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Brooke said...

i love that they still have a place for the "bleacher creatures!"