Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Karissa jumping

Karissa loves to try to stand. We have a walker, but it is too tall for her so I have been watching Craig's List for a jumperoo or exersaucer. We got one earlier this week and were hoping she would like it. She LOVES it!!!! She loves the independence she has and gets so proud of herself when she jumps high and wiggles around on her own. She's gotten a little funny about sounds....she was scared of another toy I got her because of the sounds, so we were worried about this. When she got comfortable jumping and enjoyed it, I turned on the sound/lights. (It lights up and plays noise when she jumps high.) I wasn't sure how she would feel about it. She jumped and when she saw the lights and heard the music she would just stop and stare for a few seconds and I wasn't sure if she liked it. Then she would smile and jump again. She kept repeating this. Here is a picture and a is SO funny!!!!

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My Regular Voice said...

Very cute! Can't wait for my son to play in one of those. And what a lucky lil girl! A Yankees game already? I haven't even made it to one. I've been to NY a few times, but never during baseball season except once. We bought tickets for the world series, and they got eliminated one game before ours. What a bummer.