Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A miracle happened today so I just thought I would share it with you. Megan had to get blood taken to check for gestational diabetes. The nurse who took the blood only had to insert the needle one time, yup I said ONE time and she got blood. Megan said she doesn't think that has ever happened so we told the nurse that she was a hero and should get a round of applause. I think we find out the results at our next dr's appt. which I think is October 2nd. Today I volunteered to help Megan rearrange Ally's room. MISTAKE!!!!! lol Of course that meant all the furniture had to be moved around and since Megan can't do a lot of lifting that meant I had to do most of it. I have to admit though, the room looks nice and I think Ally will like it and appreciate all of our hard work. Yeah right!! Now I guess I have to paint a dresser and eventually paint the room. (Women and their insisting that everything has to match) I love you honey!!! Now I am changing the subject but we are beginning a Bible Study with our teens in October. Please pray for Megan and I because we have never led a Bible Study so we are both nervous but also excited to see God use us to minister to the teens.

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Kate said...

Yeah! I'm so glad the blood test went well. I often take for granted how easy my veins are to find (I've never had them not get one on the fist try). I can't imagine how I'd feel if they didn't.

Good luck with the Bible Study...I'll be praying for you guys.