Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mark your calendars!

I just wanted to let everyone (well all of the ladies) know that you should be getting baby shower invitations soon. In case we missed anybody when making our guest list, if you are reading this, you are welcome to come! It will be held Saturday, October 25 at 2pm at our church (Sussex County Bible Church). If you need directions or the address, let me know (I believe my mom is putting the address in the invitations for people to Mapquest it or use GPS). Also, if you were accidentally missed and don't get an invitation, please leave a comment or let me know if you plan on coming so that I can RSVP for you. Hope to see everybody there!

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Kate said...

I'm so bummed...I can't come! :( We are invited to a wedding in Salisbury that starts at 11 am with a full reception (meal, dancing, etc) afterward. What a bummer. I guess it will be a good excuse to finally have you guys over for dinner so we can have our own little shower. I'll e-mail you when it is closer to pick a date for a dinner.

Please pass on my RSVP. Thanks!