Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA.  Our schedules just got SO insane and then I got so far behind I dreaded having to get caught up on here.  It's my blog...I shouldn't dread it.  Then we were without our laptop because our adapter died.  I only checked e-mail during that time because I had to...if I didn't I'd be going through thousands of emails right now.  Our desktop is so slow that I hated being on the computer so I said forget it to anything other than checking e-mail.   Anyway, our laptop is back up and running now and I am so grateful.  I plan to do a few posts to get caught up and see if anybody is still reading.  If I've lost all of our readers, I may give up and  I know it's my fault for not posting anything for two months.  Sorry! But, I hope we still have some readers out there. 

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