Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cali: Days 3 and 4

So back to our California much as I hate that I've waited so long to finish posting, I love that two months later I can still relive our wonderful vacation (especially the warmth considering we still have a foot of snow on the ground in some places lol).

On our third and fourth days, we pretty much just hung out at the beach and the park down the street.  The beach was gorgeous.  You could tell it was chilly for everyone there because hardly anybody was around and those that were didn't have bathing suits on and the few surfers that were in the water had the full, long-sleeve/pants type wet suits on.  The beach was warm, but the water was a little cold.  I thought for sure it would be too cold for Karissa, but she LOVED it!  The bigger the wave, the more she laughed.  I loved the scenery...seeing the beach, the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains, and islands in the distance.  It was amazing to see the hills so close to the beach because I'm so used to our area being so flat and having to go inland to see hills.

Dave and I went to Ventura Beach (the next town over from where we stayed) one night for dinner and his mom stayed with Karissa.  We also happened to be in CA when the Yankees were playing the Angels in the playoffs.  Of course we couldn't pass that up....especially the chance to see a new stadium.  The stadium was nice, but there was NO parking (it was worse than Yankee Stadium) and the game was crappy, but oh well.

So these couple days were relaxing...not much more to say about them. :)


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