Thursday, September 24, 2009

Karissa Update

So as promised, here is the update on Karissa. She has been so close to crawling so we knew it would be any day. That little stinker waited until Sunday evening when we were at a wedding and she was home with her Grammy to do it. We missed it!!! Dave's mom was watching her and thought we didn't tell her she was crawling so we had to tell her she wasn't and that if she did, it was her first time. There's a video below of that. She also started "cruising." She walks around the coffee table while holding on to it. She's definitely keeping us busy. We're hopefully going to get to the beach this afternoon since we are running out of days that are warm enough. We've also figured out where we're having her party. We swore we would not be those parents that dropped a ton of money on a party she won't remember. However, if we had it at our house, it would be crowded and lot of preparation/clean up afterwards would be involved so we thought it would be nice to have it somewhere else so that we can just enjoy the day with her. It seems extravagant where we are having it, but it is actually one of the cheapest places around! You'll have to wait and see. ;) Anyway, there's also her 10 month picture below and a video of her reaction to bubbles. We had some bubbles left over from our friends' wedding Sunday and discovered that she loves them. She also loves to dance. I love the little head bob she does. lol As Dave and I say, it's just proof that dancing comes naturally (for those that believe dancing is a sin). We will also be leaving her for the longest amount of time on Saturday. We're taking some teens to a concert festival outside of DC. We will be leaving before 6am and not getting home until well after midnight. That means we'll go from Friday night to Sunday morning without seeing her. I'm very nervous about how she'll be since she doesn't eat well with other people and how I'll be for such a long day. However, we'd really like to go away for our 5 year anniversary next summer so I have to work up to leaving her for a few days and I guess this is a start. :( We'll see how it goes. Have a great end to the week and thanks for reading as I brag about my daughter! lol

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Kate said...

Wow...she's crawling?!! How exciting!

How was the music festival? Did the teens like it? I'm guessing it wasn't as relaxing as when we went (no naps for Dave). How did you and Karissa do apart for so long?