Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, it is time to get ready for another trip. :) We leave tomorrow for NYC. I think this will be the first I've gone over the summer (except to Yankee Stadium for a game). We got engaged on a New York City trip and have gone every year since then. We usually go on Dave's days off between Christmas and New Year's. This year, Dave has Christmas off so we'd lose a day in New York, plus we'll have a newborn baby. So, we're going now. This will also be our longest trip. Usually, we are just there for 2-3 days. This trip is 5 days. We've got it full of things to do. I'm excited to see the Madagascar exhibit at the Bronx Zoo tomorrow. Plus, we'll be setting up our baby registry at Babies 'R Us and possibly Baby Depot. I have a lot of fun walking around those stores to begin with so I'm sure with the huge NYC stores it will be even more fun. Of course, we'll be making a stop at Trader Joe's, Serendipity 3, and Filene's Basement and other's that are a must in New York. We also always check out a few of Rachael Ray's picks to eat. This time we're going to get some bagels at Murray's Bagels and some good, New York style pizza at Lombardi's, which is the first pizzeria in America. We haven't been disappointed by her picks yet so I'm sure we won't be this time either. We'll also be doing the Staten Island Ferry and South Street Seaport. Of course, Saturday night will be spent enjoying a Broadway musical. :) As far as how our last doctor's appointment went, everything looked good. Surprisingly, my blood pressure was good. I've never had problems with it, but all the stress I had been under with finances and the doctor's office trying to over-charge us, etc. had me worried that it would be high. The doctor I saw at this last appointment will no longer be seeing the pregnancy patients so I'll have one of the other two doctors. That's fine with me because I've only seen the other two so far anyway. I was still able to look at the scale and not get too scared of the number I saw lol. Ally's kicks are getting harder too. She's been kicking pretty hard for the past couple of weeks. So hard that if my arm is resting on my stomach, it makes my whole arm flinch. So I was thinking that we should be able to see it, but every time I looked, I was too late. Last week I was laying on the couch reading a book so my eyes were looking towards my stomach. All of the sudden I felt a hard kick and could see a little bulge kick out of my stomach. It was really cool to see. A few seconds later Dave was watching and he could see it too. Well, I guess that's it. We'll have pics after we get back of another adventure with Ally and maybe you can look for our registry in the next couple of days! Have a great week everybody!


Anonymous said...

Well i hope your trip was a blast. How was the show? Hope the weather stays nice for you guys this week. Hope your still feeling well ok can't wait to hear how it went take care. hunting13

Kate said...

Have fun in NYC!! I can't wait to hear how you liked Grease.