Friday, January 7, 2011

Harris Teeter Trip--You have to Read This!!!

***UPDATE: Looks like they are NOT doing triple coupons.  This seemed a little too good to be true.  We are hoping the cashiers were just mixed up and maybe they will do triple coupons next month and feature that promo each month for 3 months.  We'll have to wait and see, I guess. :)

Hey all, I just thought I would tell you about my trip to Harris Teeter this morning.  I'll make it short.
 My total before coupons and store discounts was  $126.37
 There was store discounts totaling $57.13
My coupons discounted a total of $44.67
 My total I had to pay was $24.57

Wow, I even impress myself sometimes!!

While I was checking out the cashier told me something unbelievable.  Starting next Wednesday, Harris Teeter will begin Triple Coupons.  Two back to back coupon promos!!  That is awesome but what I'm about to tell you will blow you away.  The triple coupons will run for 3 STRAIGHT MONTHS!! 
That's right...starting next Wednesday and continuing non-stop everyday for 3 months will be triple coupons.  That means start printing every coupon you see up to $.99 and I would be buying newspapers every week if you don't already.  I will let you know about all the good coupons that come out when I find out about and do my best to post the best deals every week.  Please comment your thoughts on this!!


Becca said...

Nice! Where do you buy a Sunday newspaper with coupons, and which newspaper is it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca! Dave usually stops at the Shell in Georgetown on his way home from work on Sunday mornings and picks up a Washington Post. Quite a few places around here carry that paper. Our families also subscribe to the Sunday News Journal and hardly use any of their coupons so they pass the rest to us. :)

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post seems to have the best coupons, but we like having both papers because the values of the coupons vary.