Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello friends. The news doesn't seem to get better. On Sunday, Megan started complaining that she wasn't feeling well and by Monday afternoon when I got home from work she had a fever of over 103 and was having unbearable pain in her back. I called both of our mothers to see if they could come up and help out with Karissa since I needed sleep and Megan needed to rest. My mom said she could come up and Megan's mom said she needed to see the dr. I took her to the dr. around 4:00 and he checked her over and said she had a kidney infection. He put her on an antibiotic that she could take and still nurse. It's good she went when she did because the dr. said she could have become "septic" quickly. On Sunday night, Karissa started not nursing well and couldn't get full. That has continued ever since. Megan is starting to feel better but it is looking like the infection has started to dry up Megan's milk supply. Please pray that it will come back as the infection goes away. Also pray that Karissa won't lose weight through this and that the Lord will provide formula for us if we have to go to that. Thank you all


Anonymous said...

I sure hope things quickly improve for you folks. I think about ya'll every day. Sam (a.k.a. Fish)

Anonymous said...

Dave, I will keep you all in my prayers...Margie