Thursday, February 5, 2009

Growing Too Fast

Hello. We told you we would try to update more often so here I am since it's been just over a week. Our little girl is growing up too fast. No, she's not gaining weight too fast but she is growing up too fast. She seems to add new things all the time to the list of things she does. She hasn't rolled over in awhile like she was before though. One thing she does not like is tummy time. You can lay her down on her back on her mat and she will be fine for awhile but as soon as you turn her onto her tummy, she isn't happy. We tell her she needs to push herself up and get strong but she doesn't care. One other thing she doesn't like is sleeping in her own bed. lol We are trying to stop this but it's hard when Megan doesn't get much sleep already and I'm not there to help since I work overnight. I think it's so funny that Karissa likes the noises I make with my mouth because I have always made lots of noises with my mouth and Megan used to always get annoyed and tell me to stop so now I have to rub it in to Megan when Karissa likes them. We have discovered that Karissa enjoys her swing and will sleep in it and that has helped Megan get more things done around the house lately. We're wondering how long that will last because she seems to only like things briefly and then it stops working. I'm sorry if I've rambled all over the place--it's because it's late at night and I'm at work and tired. Thanks for the comments. Keep em coming!!

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Kate said...

Glad to hear how well she is doing! I hear swings have saved many parents' sanity.

I can't wait for the DCB concert!