Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 months

I can't believe it; Karissa is already 2 months old!! I don't think anyone is still reading our blog but I figured I would do one more post and see if we still have any visitors. Please let us know if you are still visiting so we know if we should continue to blog. Karissa has made great improvements since the last post. She is now about 6 lbs, 4 oz. The supplement we are adding to pumped milk is what we think is making the difference because we ran out last week and she hasn't gained much since then. It is very expensive and we have been waiting to find out if the insurance company will cover the cost. Thankfully her dr's office has been a lot of help and they got us 2 boxes for no cost that we are picking up today. If we need more after that we will have to pay for it ($150/box) and the insurance will reimburse us. HA HA we all know how that goes. Anyway, Karissa is doing lots of new things including smiling, holding her head up while on her stomach, rolling over, and she's laughed a few times in the past couple days. Our first time leaving her for a significant amount of time (well, to us) will be Saturday when we go to a teen activity and she stays with her Grammy. We will be gone for about 4 hours or so and Megan is already dreading it. I have been back to work for a few weeks now so I'm used to it. That doesn't mean I enjoy leaving but I have to obviously. Well, that's all I have for now. Again, please let us know if you still read this because we are considering stopping. C-ya


Kate said...

Hey! I still read.

Glad to hear Karissa is gaining weight! See you tomorrow night.

Aunt Leah & Cousin Hailey said...

I visit your blog very frequently to see if there are any new posts, and I read them all. So excited about my dear neice gaining weight! Wow, I sure hope you won't have to buy the calorie booster stuff. I can't wait to see her :) We Love ya all!

Anonymous said...

I check the blog frequently to see how everyone is doing but I also understand if you decide to stop it as I am sure spare time is very hard to come by. Just a thought you may want to bring up to the doctor, a friend of my brother's had a similar issue like this with their baby putting on weight, he also would spit up alot. Finally the doctor did an ultrasound (i think) of the babies stomach and they found that a valve to the intestines and stomach wasn't developed completely which is why food wasn't absorbing correctly. The baby had to have surgery to correct the valve and has been fine ever since! just thought i'd pass the story on as an FYI. ~Steph