Sunday, December 7, 2008

2 weeks old!

Hey everyone! Can you believe Karissa is already 2 weeks old? It is all such a blur with everything that has been going on. I figured, I finally have a few minutes so I should do a new post. Just a warning for everyone in the Sussex County area - all the bad stuff people say about Beebe Medical Center is true. I didn't think it would be that hard with a baby, but the second time we had to go in, it was a stressful mess. We were admitted on the Friday after Thanksgiving as Dave said. We got there around 11am. It was after 7pm until they had the incubator working and if it weren't for Dave checking and realizing it wasn't warm and saying something to a nurse, who knows how much longer Karissa would have been laying there cold because the thing wasn't warm. Then on Saturday, all of the sudden she had a really low temperature reading. The nurse ended up borrowing one of the new thermometers from the labor/delivery floor because it turns out, the one they were using was replaced on the LD floor because it was inaccurate! Then on Sunday a nurse took her temperature using the wrong thermometer and argued with me about it when I pointed it out, called the doctor, made a big deal about it, and made me stress out even more when it wasn't right!!!! So on Monday we thought we would get discharged because the doctor said on Sunday morning we could go home when Karissa maintains her temperature for 24 hours. Monday rolls around and all of the sudden they make a big deal about the color of her dirty diapers. We found out this weekend after feeding Karissa milk that I pumped while in the hospital, that whatever I ate that caused her diapers to be like that, was fed to me at the hospital. I'm glad they didn't keep us longer when it was something at the hospital that was causing it!!! Not to mention, everytime they weighed her they did it differently and got way different numbers so there was really no way to tell if she was gaining or losing weight. Talk about stressful! I've never been so happy to be home! Since being home, it has been a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully we have more people than we even know praying for us and for Karissa. For the past 24 hours, she has been eating better than ever! She's on a good schedule of every 2 hours and is eating longer so I'm hopeful when we go back to the doctor that she has gained enough weight and the doctor doesn't want us to go back to the hospital. But, in the event that Karissa has lost weight and we need to go back to the hospital, we are refusing to go to Beebe! lol Anyway, sorry for all my venting. Next time I post maybe all of the weight/temperature issues will be in the past!


Auntie Leah said...

I am SO happy to know Karissa has been doing well! I got SO excited reading this blog that she is eating every two hours!! I am praying for her very much, and many of my friends are praying also. We love you all very much! Hope we can see you again too.

Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your experience at Beebee was bad! That sounds horrible! I am praying for Karissa, in hopes that you won't have to go back there.